How can I be more athletic looking?

Question by Nathan Girard: How can I be more athletic looking?
I’ve always been really kind of a tall scrawny guy and i have really long legs and arms. I’ve been made fun of for it my whole life and i am sick and tired of it. I’m not terrible at sports. But i have never been able to find a sport for me. I want bigger arms and a six pack but no matter how many push ups/ sit ups i do nothing ever happens. I’m 15 years old and i can still get plenty of girls but all the athletic guys get more than i do. Is there any way for me to get bigger arms and to get abs? And what sports should i try? Next year i’m doing swim team, golf, and track. But i want a sport i can play on a team with. Any suggestions?

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  1. Maddison says:

    keep working it takes awhile to notice a diff
    try football and basketball
    they work out hard and it shows.

  2. Depressed Lil Angel says:

    1. Search it up on google
    2. Play lots of sports
    3. Eat the right foods
    4. Don’t starve yourself
    5. Don’t eat junk food

  3. eat better
    try football, soccer, baseball, and try skateboarding
    or something like that

  4. kirstenallise says:

    Join a school power lifting teams. At that young Its like a free trainer.

    They have light weight lifting…. so dont be shame i you aint good. its ok. You will be if you put up with it 4 about a year…
    good luck

  5. Lifes like a big puzzle! says:

    Well, you could go to the gym everyday and lift weights and stuff. Make you should try football or basketball if u haven’t tried those yet. Swim team is a great way but u get really hungry afterwards. Oh and what about cross country, any interest in that?

  6. inkchick27 says:

    eat ALOT and lift weights 3 days a week. like mondays wednesdays and fridays. keep track of the weight you use for each of the lifts and progressivly use more and more weight. you’ll see results. but you have to eat alot too

  7. eat protein and exercise more.
    i think team sports are kinda lame, but there’s football basketball, baseball

  8. Vanessa says:

    you will grow as you get older…stop worring about what the other guys are getting as long as you are doing ok with what you have…..there will always be somone who will get more girls then you and im sure you get some nice girls….just be your self and do what you do….and as long you are good at sports keep working out and taking care of your body you will be ok….

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