How can i get a sick pack of ABS? Please Help?

Question by pj: How can i get a sick pack of ABS? Please Help?
I’m dating this girl that I really like and I want to really impress her this summer with a six pack of abs. I’m really skinny and I’m really athletic. but i just don’t see all of my abs. i only see A FEW OF THEM when i flex.

What are some really good exercises that I could do to work out my abs and my obliques?How long do you think it would take me to get a six pack if I work on my abs everyday? How many reps and sets should i do for each exercise?

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Answer by Zach
just man up

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  1. Ravshan B says:

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  2. Crunches, do a LOT of them. Also, make sure to have a healthy diet. Try going to the gym whenever you can and you should have a six pack in 4-6 weeks.

  3. shabankan says:

    Try this it worked for me:

    Do a lot of high intensity cardio workouts doing that you will burn fat all the time during your workout after your workout and even when you sleep
    (interval training is when you exercise really intense for a small time period then you rest then you do intense again then you rest and so on you can do this with running, swimming, biking or whatever cardio exercise it is that you enjoy : ) eat healthy you really have to give up all that junk food and fast food
    and last of all do a lot of push ups thats what gave me a ripped 6 pack abs and a ripped chest and shoulders i swear it works!

    hope this helps hope you get your six pack man!
    just work hard and never give up.

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