how do i get a sick pack?

Question by hilda h: how do i get a sick pack?
im 16, a girl, i play basketball. i want to get a nice toned abs. a six pack mostly. what is a good healthy diet in order to get a six pack..

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Answer by Anderys
Males and female anatomy is different in more places than just genitalia.. Im 99% sure that abs is one of these places and that because of these differences females are only able to get a 4 pack, due to how the muscles are shaped. As for those, just go to a gym and do crunches, work with the exercise balls, and look around the web for other strengthening and toning exercises.

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  1. cheeseburgers, tacos, fries, chocolate, burritos=)

  2. It very difficult for women to get a 6 pack because they do not have alot of testerone as men do. But CUT OUT SUGAR if you want good abs. Eat healthy, 6 meals a day

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