How do Men get a 8 pack of abs?

Question by Chris T: How do Men get a 8 pack of abs?
I have a sick pack but no 8 pack??? weird…

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Answer by From1st2Last
usually all the guys ive seen with 8 packs are tall and have longer torso’s. like 6’2 or 6’3 or taller

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  1. I think the extra two are the breasts (if that’s what you can call them for men). So your set, technically!

  2. do alot of exercise eat right etc

  3. You 2 short of a 8 pack? You need to shop at the service station in my area – you get 2 free 12 ounces with a 6pk purchase

  4. they just do

  5. Yeah. Sexy.I would think they worked out. Or got it sprayed on.

  6. smith_john1984 says:

    you don’t get two extra stomach muscles just because you’re 6’2” or 6’3”. you can get yourself an 8 pack, you just need to do the right exercises on your abs.

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