How do you get six pack abs and strong biceps?

Question by Extremely Hyper gamer dude: How do you get six pack abs and strong biceps?
Look i wanna get six pack abs i will do anything to do it. Well not starve myself, but other than that. Could anyone give me the correct procedure to attain the build i want. Thanks.

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Answer by noname1234567
work out (crunches, weights, stretching,)

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  1. Kiss Kiss!! says:

    crunches, eat right, and get a personal trainer…

    that means no video games until youve ran 2 miles!!!!

    good luck!!!

  2. eat a lot! thats where I got my huge One Pack.

    if I eat a lot more, I might be able to get Two Pack.

    I guess I’ll just go eat a lot more till I get a Six Pack

  3. You want stronger biceps do preacher curls or single weight bicep curls, do many reps of less weight it will make them stronger, to make them bigger, try more weight less reps, but also build your triceps because they are the biggest part of your arm. As for six pack abs, your going to have to work the upper abs (situps and crunches) as well as work the lower abs and your back. Your also goign to have ot do alot of cardio, because usually six pack abs only come out with less than 12.5 percent body fat. It takes dedication and watching what you eat, or working out harder. Good luck and hope it helps you!

  4. For expert advice on nutrition and the training you need to do check out these links:




  5. Learn a martial art instead.

  6. Thats_So_Me! says:

    Okay, here’s what you do. First, you have to go on a diet. No junk food or candy or stuff like that. Eat lots of fruits and vegetables, and drink lots of water or milk. Stay away from soda or energy drinks. Then you have to work out a lot. Exercise for at least a half an hour each day by doing sit ups, push ups, pull ups, and running. Lifting weights helps too. Try it. My dad did the same thing when he was in high school and got six pack abs and strong muscles. He still has it, and trust me, he’s older than you think.

  7. eat healthy stuff and work out Alot.. choose a diet ( i think the abs diet works well) buy the book.. follow it as closly as possible.. do a ton of crunches and that kind of work out.. Try googling the subject.. you’d prolly get some good answers there..

  8. Here’s the good news. If you want six pack abs, you really don’t need to worry about buying any of the gadgets you see on TV infomercials. What you need to do to get six pack abs is to trim, shred, or eliminate the layers of fat tissue that cover them. How do you do that? By increasing the amount of cardio in your workouts.

    Also, you need to do strength training because as you build muscle, your metabolism increases. Commonly available supplements like Xenadrine or Hydroxycut (if you follow the instructions and don’t take too much) can also help you boost your metabolism. This is especially true when combined with cardio and strength training.

    Third, for a shredded look, you’ll need to take a good look at your diet. Ditch anything with high fructose corn syrup, increase the amount of protein in your diet (one gram per pound of your body weight), and consume more fiber.

    You’ll also need to consume essential fatty acids like salmon oil and flaxseed oil to help sustain muscle growth.

    Finally, for strong biceps, the tried and true exercises are the ones that work best: bicep curls and their many variants.

    But keep in mind another important rule of fitness. It’s like a triangle and each of the three sides are crucial: diet, exercise, and rest. Some people become stubborn about realizing the importance of rest, but it’s actually during the rest phase that your muscles grow! The muscles are growing by adapting to the amount of stress that you put them through during your workouts. And… also importantly, you must provide them with the fuel to grow by eating properly.

    Hope that helps and good luck.

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