How do you obtain some sick ripped Abs? help!!!?

Question by pumpkinbutt: How do you obtain some sick ripped Abs? help!!!?
My brother is in awesome shape but needs help with his lower abs. He has a six pack but his lower abs are not well defined. How do you get some sick ripped lower abs?? Help! I’m interested too.

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Answer by Willis
You must buy the message pro belt and apply at that area. Also try liposuction. Or just drink the fat cutter juice which will remove fat from all around the body including the lower abs.

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  1. Same as upper abs. You cant really target upper and lower abs. They work as one.

    Core exercises to continue to firm up, a good nutrition plan that he can stick too to keep excess fat from building, and cardio workouts to remove the unwanted layer of fat covering all his work.

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