How many guys have sick pack abs?

Question by Martin S.: How many guys have sick pack abs?
Now how many of you have the V-shape? How long did it take you to get it?

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Answer by i_love_ice_cream_!
i believe the v-shape you are talking about is called apollo’s belt. i am not a guy but i think it’s hot

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  1. I’ll need u to define “sick pack” first

  2. Any man can have a six pack u cant get it from a diet u have to work hard and do any kinds of exercises to ur lower body to get a six pack

  3. matthew t says:

    “Six” Pack.

    Through hard work and determination. ALSO a shitload of patience.

    Do normal ab workouts such as crunches and such. You can try doing some bicycles to get the lower abs. There are plenty of other exercises available online.

    Pushups also works out your abs. and arms. and chest.

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