How to Build and Train Killer Abs Six Pack

How to train and build killer ABS. To get a six pack with the correct way to train. Find the easiest way to Build Killer Abs| Six pack.
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Manny Pacquiao’s incredible abs workout. Unbelievable Abs Workout
Video Rating: 4 / 5


  1. Cheers mate. Baz

  2. sepertine says:

    Cool, thanks!! Train hard man :)

  3. I do like about 6sets of 15-20 reps when I do abs. That is normally on a Tue and Frid each week. Baz

  4. sepertine says:

    HEy bazz how many reps and sets would you recommend!! thanks

  5. That is wonderful feed back. Thanks so much for sharing this with us and for your great support. Baz

  6. tommygunner13 says:

    Baz i have to thank you for the motivation, exercises and tips that you’ve given me from these videos, i finally have my sixpack from doing these exercises along with crunches and sit ups. But to anyone reading this Baz is absolutely right when he says nutrition is the key, it took me about a month of strict dieting and exercising. so thank you very much Baz, my girlfriend is gonna love it C:

  7. – thanks so much for that. Baz

  8. Great video! 

  9. – you can add them in. I am not a big lover of situps as too much of them can give you lower back hassles I think. If you like them do them they do work. If you feel any pain though rather do and alternative exercise for the abs. Baz

  10. lifelessperson1993 says:

    where do sit ups have a place in all this?

  11. – you can lose fat and build muscle at the same time. I suggest you have a look at the nutrition video and the fat burn video. Stay away from pills and that rubbish. You have to eat yourself thin. Food is key to a great looking body. Baz

  12. wanspeedstudio says:

    Hi Baz. The problem is my belly fat. So how to burn fat on stomach fast? Do I need some supplement or fat burner pills? I need to solve this problem first before build the six pack. Nice video and advice. Thanks.

  13. – wow that is fantastic well done. If you keep eating right and training hard you can have no fear of gaining weight again. Baz

  14. wongchiko says:

    I lost 60 pounds in half year from 190lbs to 130lbs, i am 165cm tall, Chinese.
    and i follow this exercise and my abs is stronger than ever ! i hope i can keep my weight coz i wasnt healthy when i was overweighted int he past. Thanks!

  15. – I think it will help. I would also do some crunches as well so you build a good looking set of abs. The key is the way you eat. Try to get rid of all excess fat. The loose skin should go but I think it will take time. Have some vitamin E oil capules as that does help with skin and elasticity a bit. Baz

  16. I’ve got a little bit of loose skin just underneath the bellybutton. Will this kind of exercise help me tighten the skin or is there nothing I can do about it? It’s really not that much but it would be great to get rid of it.

  17. – there are many of us that suffer with the same problem. Just stick to it and eat right. Baz

  18. HaroldChong1981 says:

    Great motivation for me :) I trying to lose the truck tyre haha..

  19. – I do not think you will get the same intensity without weights. Doing crunches and situps is also a great way to train the abs. It really is up to you and what you believe will work best for you. Baz

  20. ShawnMicheaIs says:

    can you do these exercises without dumbells? i go gyms often, around 2~3 times per week
    but my focus is on shoulders, biceps, triceps and chest
    so my question is does this workout require dumbbells to see effects? or without it, its easier to achieve with crutches and sit ups? i really wana build stomach muscle

  21. sorry…. you should be able to send messages now

  22. – pleasure my friend and thanks for the comment. Baz

  23. superman1113215 says:

    you’re the man, baz. thanks for all your videos

  24. – we are all a bit smaller one side than the other. You should not really notice it but it could be your abs are offset and do not line up that is why they look smaller one side. That is genetic and not a lot you can do about it. Mine are off set and do not line up. Baz

  25. – you have contact lock on so i cannot send you anything. Baz

  26. FootBaller240 says:

    Lol i have better abs

  27. shadows987987 says:

    Hmmmm? Why do they…?

  28. robertplant634 says:

    why do people pay to watch boxing?

  29. normalityist says:

    Thats right! That program at the site
    is the real deal. This workout is a lot
    fun but most importantly, it works like
    a gangbusters..In just a few weeks
    under its program, you’ll get the shape
    you’ve always wanted!

  30. sayazoian says:

    Hi hi! Have you considered – fast abs magic (Have a quick look on google cant remember the place now)? Ive heard some unbelivable things about it and my brother in law got really defined Six pack abs and lost a truck load of of belly fat with it.

  31. BoogWeed says:

    Manny is not a sell out.

  32. tabulkhan says:

    Hello! Have you heard the talk about – fast abs magic (do a search on google)? Ive heard some interesting things about it and my friend got beautiful 6 pack abs and lost tons of fat with it.

  33. shadows987987 says:

    Anyone can be a student of the sport, any real fan is a student of the sport. I’m sure some people love training, but most people hate it. I only do it to keep in shape, the sparring is great, a real thrill, but other than that I can’t stand it.

  34. shadows987987 says:

    A student of the sport: study its history, its techniques and its fighters. I hated every minute of training. I’m not gonna lie about the fact I hated training. Manny is a good guy, I wasn’t talking about him, but the celeb worshipping fans. You know how people act around famous people.

  35. shadows987987 says:

    I watch boxing matches, I’m a student of the sport; but training is just a pain on the ass. That goes for every sport. Not interesting at all. Would you pay to watch a no body train? This is just kissing celebs ass.

  36. shadows987987 says:

    Why do people pay to watch boxers training?

  37. jackonmsn says:

    yes …steroids are good. but isnt it growth hormonne manny took ?

  38. kanutojuan says:


  39. BLaCkKsHeEp says:

    ignorance is bliss aint it?

  40. numberoneDOUCHEBAG says:

    yo once he retires from boxing he should make a fitness video like p90x

  41. TerrisJ3 says:

    why are you here?! pactard

  42. skaterboyjer says:

    attention???? retard sounds like another dick rider.

  43. another flomo looking for attention on a Pacquiao video! XDD

  44. skaterboyjer says:

    roids cover up thats all this is.

  45. kidasterorig111 says:

    Mayweather and his uncle disliked this, if three dislikes count in his dad.

  46. just type 8 min abs work out
    its the same thing

  47. colimote1978 says:

    wow the steroids are good..

  48. ryanwegner2010 says:

    theres not even such thing as a 2 pack lmao

  49. g3rg3r009 says:

    Fuck did roach said he does that 3x a day?

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