!!! HOW TO GET A 6 / SIX PACK FAST !!! Home Abs Workout (Build Muscle Burn Fat) Brandon Carter

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www.sixpackfactory.com is celebrating it’s 200th Youtube video but doing an improved and more powerful version of our most popular video ever! The get 6 pack abs on your couch workout video. The new one is harder, faster and a lor more effective! Thank you to all our fans for the last 200 videos!
Video Rating: 4 / 5


  1. Deangelo21530 says:

    You make it look so easy!

  2. sesshymaru says:

    When I first saw this video I thought it’d be easy to do.But NOPE, its fucking hard…

  3. MasterJeev1 says:

    Guys, do you do this everyday or do it one day then miss out the next day then do it the day after and so on..?

  4. superdrengendk12 says:

    @jeffwhun Rice is very healthy, a good food choice ! 

  5. @superdrengendk12 eating rice its that healthy to achieve 6 packs abs ?

  6. OnlineTrainerForYou says:

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  7. who else wants to get six pack fast?


  8. nope their in the air.

  9. AidanFoenanderFit says:

    @seshasaisrivatsav would you really take advice on getting a 6 pack from someone who cant even get one themselves?

  10. It’s not only about working out, read to learn about cortisol levels and fat storage.

  11. steroids!!!

  12. superdrengendk12 says:

    @InnaaGaming Its the fat, that on top of your 6 pack :)
    Get rid of it first
    Eat healthy(6 – 8 meals a day), run 3 times a week & u will have a 6 pack in 2 months :)

  13. superdrengendk12 says:

    @seshasaisrivatsav Because They’re the only ones who can do the exercises right :)

  14. masterftws4s says:

    To watch is simple , but…

  15. I like this video 😀

  16. TheTechSupp says:

    @sarkischamp10 i think Not, i did it without touching the floor with my bag and it worked for me :)

  17. TheTechSupp says:

    Nice vid man :)
    With your Video i finally got my sixpack… The Girls Love it 😀

  18. hey brandon are your feet on the floor in the second exercise?

  19. sarkischamp10 says:

    @seshasaisrivatsav to prove it works.

  20. DeathStroke431 says:

    This stuff actually works guys i don’t have a six pack and all but the only proven way to get a six pack is what Scientist call the After Burn effect is to burn more calories then u consume Ur body uses these special musical tissues to build then and how to make them is by burning calories so with these work outs it does help just watch how much u eat in a 48 hr time period After Burn Effect is Actually Proven Fast Way To Get Six Pack Look it up

  21. MrSomalianSTAR says:

    if i get over 100 likes i´ll put upp my video now and after thees work out haha

  22. stiefmeisterkui says:

    the 1st workout getting hard to done 100 lol

  23. IamTheMountainMan says:

    @korvix never never do heavy squat as much as you can. Any athletic trainer or therapist will tell you you should only do 75% of your max on squat. More and more back injuries are happening because of heavy squat. And foods doesnt really matter. You have to eat like a horse to get muscle. Just dink water and nothing else. Eat and workout eat and workout will get you ripped.. Ask any strength coach

  24. @seshasaisrivatsav cuz he got one and now hes showing us how he did, if it was a fat dude then how are you supposed to know if it works, it obviously dont cuz hes still fat

  25. DietBorneo says:

    The ONLY solution to consistently lose your abdominal fat and keep it off for good is to combine a sound nutritious diet full of unprocessed natural foods with a properly designed strategic exercise program that stimulates the necessary hormonal and metabolic response within your body.

  26. goodgirl5897 says:

    Oh hai! Have you thought about – fast abs magic (do a google search)? Ive heard some extraordinary things about it and my father got ripped Six pack abs and lost a lot of belly fat with it.

  27. RobloxMovieTeam1 says:

    I Did Exactly What The This Video Told Me And All I Get Is A Stomach Ace Otherwords The Is Not Working Do We Have To Do This For Weeks Or Something?

  28. armouroflife2000 says:

    it doesn’t seem to be working ? ;o
    How long before i can expect my six pack to be shown ?

  29. Fuck this is hard O.O

  30. CJZwhatUwanT says:

    You spelled a lot wrong in your description.

  31. III0AMIR0III says:

    hey there, im 18 years of age and around 145lbs (66kg), 1.77 meters tall… ive done situps for around 3 weeks but then quit and now im back to doing your workout. Do u have any idea how long itll take me?
    Many thanks

  32. HDMinecrafter123 says:

    And how does this work?
    Don’t you need to do cardio?

  33. Elitehacker1996 says:

    @freashycwalk acctually u can get a 10 pack, look at mikkel kesler.

  34. @freashycwalk actually, it depends on who does them, some people just cant get some than 6, because their bodies are like that

  35. I got this pack in my neck –‘

  36. WilliamTheRAV says:

    @freashycwalk its a joke…

  37. WilliamTheRAV says:

    @REMIXXsniperzz he do it all 6 moves straight after each other, then rest for 1 minute, repeat 4 times

  38. REMIXXsniperzz says:

    please answer how many times am i supposed to do this a day it would be really helpful

  39. freashycwalk says:

    @MICKEYMOUSEEPICNESS there no 12 pack max is 8 pack and to get the 8 pack its very hard


    I do this ever day and i have a 12 pack now :O

  41. Equinox1515 says:

    Hmm should it be like – i see that i have only lower abs trained. like – there are two lowest abs, then a line. and those upper four doesnt have line between. Sounds lame but please tell me if it should be like that.

  42. Awesome video! Check out more how to get a six pack techniques here tinyurl@com/Quick-ways-of-loosing-weight

  43. epicfail10000 says:

    @epicfail10000 take*

  44. epicfail10000 says:

    I AM 12 years old and if i want a bit 6 pack just a bit…should i do this? and how long should it tajke to see something on my stomuch

  45. marvelherosquad says:

    i have sixpack now

  46. marvelherosquad says:

    wtf i have sixpack now

  47. pakSuhaSemi says:

    and how many times im supposed to do this on day??

  48. clayton12498 says:

    Respond to this video…  how long does it take

  49. clayton12498 says:

    @Okiahyjn realy ?????

  50. clayton12498 says:

    duz it work ?

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