How to get ABS ? This videos talks about the most common misconception which is “doing crunches /abs exercises can get you a sixpack or a flat stomach”.Getting a six pack has got more to do with nutrition than just doing abs,if your goal is to get well defined abs then you need to get rid of the flab which is covering your abs and that can only happen if you follow good nutrition.This video talks about he the most important aspect of geting six pack,which is about leaving refined sugar and how consumption of sugar makes you gain flab. Facebook- Twitter- Google+ –


  1. lourlandpaul says:

    that is very strategic product placement there! it’s clearly coca-cola! lolz…

    seriously this is very good stuff, bro. thank you for sharing! :)

  2. pratiknp06 says:

    Hi!! I know avoiding sugar is one of the most important part for people who are fat and want to loose weight… but i am naturally very thin.. i weigh 69 kgs with 180cms height.. i want to put on some few kgs of muscle mass.. so do i also have to avoid sugar?? cuz no matter how much sweets i eat i dont seem to put on any weight, muscle or fat..

  3. Stealth955 says:

    Thanks !

  4. Xcellfitnessindia says:

    @Stealth955 Well if your idea is to get abs then you gotta get rid of sugar completely …15 or 5 g you gotta leave it completely …oh and avoid processed fod completely…..regards raghav :-)

  5. Stealth955 says:

    Is 15g of sugar for 100g of biscuits too much ?

  6. Xcellfitnessindia says:

    @phsameer89 Sure working on it ,will be out with it soon …..thanks for watching …regards raghav :-)

  7. phsameer89 says:

    Good work dude…can u make a video of diet plan based on Indian food .

  8. Xcellfitnessindia says:

    @tempest1extreme Sure working on it ,will be out with it soon …..thanks for watching …regards raghav :-)

  9. Xcellfitnessindia says:

    @ujwalmannava Thanks Ujwal

  10. tempest1extreme says:

    hello, would be nice if you could show us your daily diet?

  11. ujwalmannava says:

    thumbs up raghav,

  12. Carlosthemystifier says:

    i am a student.. i cant take.meals in small amounts… but i do chek oil consumption… and very less junkfood once or twice in a month…i will definately cutoff refined sugar….my upper abs are just showing…the abdominal area is a bit flabby…if i cut sugar… will it help… and when can i start getting results… need help plz…

  13. born2model3d says:

    @Xcellfitnessindia Thanks yaar…. u are awesome :)

  14. hi,was wondering if eating boiled lean tuna meat is a go go when watching your calorie intake.

  15. Xcellfitnessindia says:

    @born2model3d Cosmetic = lean symm body with no body fat……..all veggies are healthy just dont add extra oil to it :-)…..check out more videos on my website or on my channel …regards raghav :-)

  16. Xcellfitnessindia says:

    @martinsaram Yeah the idea is to drop your body fat to 6 percent to see clear visible abs, so here is what you can do ….reduce your current calorie intake by 200 – 300 calories and divide rest of your calorie intake into 8 small meals, make sure you keep your protein intake high so muscle loss can be minimal…..check out more videos on my website or my channel ……regards raghav :-)

  17. Xcellfitnessindia says:

    @MrNikhil00005 Hi Nikhil if your idea is to get in great shape then along with your current cardip plan you also need to incorporate weight training into your routine ,weight training/resistance training will help you help shape your body,dont worry you will not get big by lifting weights as long as long as you follow a high calorie diet ..check out more videos on my channel – regards raghav :-)

  18. MrNikhil00005 says:

    hi man i want to reduce weight i am running about 2.8 kms(@9km per hr) daily and doin 1.8 kms of cycling and around 100 crunches is this ok or do i need to work out more and in wat way

  19. martinsaram says:

    Nice Videos.. But i was just wondering how could i get better abs? my 6 pack is showing but my lower is kinda covered abit wit fats.. itz not like my as nice as my upper.. however i do wwatch my meals like no oil n i hate sugar.. watz ur recoomendation ? more cardio ?… r go for leaan exercices? .. my friend adviced me to eat chicken breaast for 3 months .. o.0

  20. born2model3d says:

    @Xcellfitnessindia What do you mean from cosmetic point of view???
    Also then what are good and healthy foods for vegetarians, only veggies???

  21. Xcellfitnessindia says:

    @born2model3d No FRUITS bro …they are healthy but from a cosmetic point of view i avoid them completely……regards raghav :-)

  22. born2model3d says:

    Hi Man,
    Just one question what about the sugar in fruits???
    I am trying to loose weight and currently most of my meals are filled with fruits, then vegetables and in dinner I eat 2 Roti’s with what ever sabji is made.

  23. alphaandliarize says:

    After watching this, and watch out. Snorlax gotta be Machamp later. Swear!

  24. Xcellfitnessindia says:

    @pamoste16 :-)

  25. Xcellfitnessindia says:

    @bosch359 :-)

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