How To Get Six Pack Abs Fast, UPPER Abs Workout brings you another powerful abs workout. This time round we are focusing just on the upper abs to get them really big and to pop out. Designed by Peter Carvell
Video Rating: 4 / 5 – Learn more on how to get a six pack with my free information. It’s time to start shaping your own 6 pack with these ab exercises.Aerobic workout fitness
Video Rating: 4 / 5


  1. StefkeBIA says:

    Hey, I got 75kg, 179cm, and I’m 16 year’s old. For how much time I would achieve results? Sorry for bad English, I’m Serbian.

  2. shesgoneify says:

    Me too!I work out a lot and I get pretty fit anywhere
    else but have a hard time making my abs pop.I have
    abs and I just want it to come out so im thinking of
    purchasing that program offered at the site
    I think if you’re fit and has a thin layer of fat in
    stomach adding a healthy diet to it,it should work.

  3. TheKripmain says:

    Can u do all the ab workouts in one training session or should u spread them out?

  4. gate3gate4gate5gate6 says:

    hei im 13 and i have six pack put not awery time so are dis works?

  5. How much is the dumbell ?

  6. moricestreet9092 says:

    @Sabsabionlineisback me to xD

  7. moshiuripe says:

    Oh hai! Have you heard the talk about – fast abs magic (do a search on google)? Ive heard some extraordinary things about it and my BF got amazing Six pack abs and lost a ton of fat with it.



  9. dzonipro97 says:

    can i burn my belly fat with this ? 😀

  10. sonofaniger says:

    0:01 skip ads tehehe :D

  11. Sabsabionlineisback says:

    Im 13 and i do this ;

  12. Freddy989lol1 says:

    @HopeLoveAndBlood I think he means kg man.

  13. mw2akimbomaster says:

    @ThePenetrationist oh ok

  14. ThePenetrationist says:

    @mw2akimbomaster i would think 14 :/

  15. mw2akimbomaster says:

    whats the lowest age where u can do this exercise

  16. Oh hai, Try intellectus 424 diet (Google it). Me and my wife lost a ton of unwanted fat best result ever.

  17. @HopeLoveAndBlood lol i hope he meant kg kilos.

  18. strife104 says:

    im a Bruneian and everyone is below 100 … upper 100= obesety

  19. HopeLoveAndBlood says:

    @strife104 You weigh 50 pounds? You better be really short or something. If not that’s really unhealthy. I’m 11 and I weigh twice our weight.

  20. strife104 says:

    im 14 and my weight is 50 -.-

  21. Hockeynut54TV says:

    when you say do the exercise to failure, it can go on for ever and i don’t want to spend 15 minutes doing crunches. what would be a good number to do each exercise till?

  22. xxtHebEaNeRXX1 says:

    @skeleton115 you can achieve a six pack in that short amount of time, you just need to work them out for every day, be devoted nd eat a lot of healthy foods 😀

  23. yourearsdontfall1 says:

    do you have a vid for side abs workout??

  24. hanzhenrocks says:

    i surprised that you are same fat ass like me before! woooohhh “NEW IDOL” thanks for your videos :) gonna subscribe :)

  25. ThePugnantis says:

    Really? thought it was just another scam I
    usually found at the internet but i was so wrong.
    what I did was I tried it myself and after 2weeks
    on training, i was so amazed cause my abs was
    visible now. Couldnt be more happy.:)) Anyway,
    you mispelled the site name. It should be:

  26. MultiCrazypeople says:

    Im sure that this exercise will work. I did this yesterday and when i woke up this morning my stomach hurt. (which means that its working) but this video threw me off when they said dont get scammed, as in i thought they said this video is a scam

  27. chica9querida says:

    hurts like a bitch. Hopefully i see results soon!!! How long before i see results ?:)

  28. yedesmir1 says:

    why beginners each other day??

  29. wilsonhwt2 says:

    Oh hai! Have you thought about – fast abs magic (google it)? Ive heard some amazing things about it and my GF got beautiful 6 pack abs and lost a lot of fat with it.

  30. MegaJUVAS says:

    Hey… I’m a 14 year old skinny guy…. And I wanna get a six pack… And stamina… Would these exercise show good effect?? Also how many reps of each exercise do I have to do? And for how long?? Please reply… Thank you

  31. sonnytheguitargod says:

    good routine man! its a pretty easy workout for the results you get out of it!

  32. numbaone11000 says:

    I love this ab routine (y) …. After all the routines i searched on the net, im guessing i finally found a good one and im sticking to it, simple and effective 😀 thankyou!!

  33. NoParkingNET says:

    @ADTRfan500 well if you do it on a spring bed its going to be kind of bouncy and you can’t really keep control so, yes! :) sorrry… I know floors are painful on the spine!

  34. ADTRfan500 says:

    I have a question that might sound dumb….would doing this on like a softer surface affect my results? like a bed or something

  35. music ftw

  36. AliVoKuHiLa says:

    That’s Really Works … Thanks :)

  37. lol I for some reason counted every thing he did…i guess its out of habbit of doing my exercises

  38. KiNGLiGHTADR says:

    let my training begin lol

  39. RoseRedWrath says:

    @musicmind2004 Ah, thank you.

  40. musicmind2004 says:

    The key is isolation. Isolation comes from good form. While sixpackexposed IS showing you a pretty good ab circuit, the form is far from good. I promise you: Perfect the form, and isolation will take care of itself.

  41. musicmind2004 says:


    just take a few beach towels and lay them down… this should help a little with discomfort.

  42. musicmind2004 says:

    While I applaud your attempt at an awesome home Ab workout, the VERY FIRST exercise (your standard crunch) is only about 20% effective, requiring LOTS of repetition. What I suggest is V-ups in place of standard crunches. Lie on your back, arms over head. While raising legs toward ceiling, lift your torso, keeping your arms overhead. Try to touch your toes, keeping your arms straight. slowly lower back tot he floor. If you can do 30 consecutively, you probably already have a 6 pack.

  43. RoseRedWrath says:

    Is there any detrimental effect from doing this on a tile floor? Or would you recommend carpet because I do not have one of those exercise mats.

  44. Great workouts 6!

  45. mrOosamoO says:

    thnx for the effort mate u r the best


  47. korbster20 says:

    @coolercody123 what a fag of you to say that crap

  48. @RWJruleskhaled11 if ur body fat percentage is low enuff, it would take a month for vague lines…. but if ur body fat isnt low, u proly already hav the abs, u jus need to lose fat. If u dont lose the fat, ul never see the abs no matter howmuch u work them out.

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