Funk Roberts and WBFF Fitness and Cover Model Rob Riches at the Battle Bag DVD shoot. Rob Riches. WBFF World champion fitness model and competitor, Rob Riches, reveals his entire ab workout in full detail, showing the top exercises to strengthen and condition the entire core and abdominal region. Throughout these video shorts (9 in total), you’ll learn how to do each exercise properly, and feel muscles that you’ve never felt worked before. You do not want to miss this. Over the month of March 2011 Funk will be posting Rob’s Ab Workout Series on FunkMMA and Funk Roberts Fitness Blog Subscribe to either website and enjoy Funk’s March Madness of Fat Burning – Abs, Nutrition and Workouts Check out all 9 video shorts by subscribing to or http All exercises are available on one DVD, complete with a free six pack workout chart, and can be purchased at Rob’s online fitness store: For more video’s, photo’s and daily health and fitness tips, follow rob on his social network sites below: facebook: The Official Rob Riches Fitness Group
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  1. chiranjibi58 says:

    Hey there! Have you considered – fast abs magic (search on google)? Ive heard some unbelivable things about it and my friend got beautiful Six pack abs and lost a ton of fat with it.

  2. cr7davidd says:

    bla bla bla bla

  3. Trashboldus says:

    @docwayne29 bull

  4. docwayne29 says:

    nice bitch tits……

  5. superrubiksman says:

    @supah1337B skull crusher

  6. 1:40 at the background o.O

  7. glassking99 says:


  8. thanks so much fuck

  9. That must be a really hard w.o cause hes panting though the whole video lol

  10. georgecarra says:

    It not what you know, but who you know.
    I’m thankful to you for bringing me this Funk,
    your the man bro.

  11. fatguyanthony says:

    thanks so much funk

  12. reptarman7 says:

    @supah1337B Also google “arnold best tricep exercise” to get some ideas.

  13. reptarman7 says:

    @supah1337B If it was your diet, the problem would probably not be with just the triceps. I’m a mesomorph so I really don’t have this type of problem. I would try doing the dips with straight legs as slow and steady as possible (3-5 second negatives) until your triceps are on fire. Also, if by extensions you mean on the cable machine, I would try kickbacks from the bent-over row position. Good luck!

  14. SamsFitnessComAu says:

    Hey Rob was in the new Powertec catalogue. Thanks again for the video Funk

  15. MasterBoy392 says:

    thats great :)

  16. swapnil0768 says:

    great man….

  17. supah1337B says:

    @reptarman7 Yes I’ve dips, but even with the right diet etc. I still see no improvement, I focused on triceps for most of my arm excersises for around a month, giving rest etc. but no Change. Only thing I can think of is Benchpressing, I don’t really progress with it since its a lay on your back type excersise, and those I hate.

  18. love the videos funk thanx

  19. hotgymgirl says:

    you guys are hot

  20. reptarman7 says:

    @supah1337B Are you sure it is just your triceps? Why are you only doing 2 exercises? The easy answer is probably dips on a dip stand (straight legs, bent legs, different speeds, etc.). If you don’t weigh enough, you can use a vest like the guy in the video or a belt with a chain and plates.

  21. supah1337B says:

    Im going to subscribe and look around on your page, Im skinny (ectomorph) type person and getting Abs is a breeze, (Obliques are more difficult) but I really need bigger triceps but things like skull crusher and extensions don’t make me feel like I’m working my triceps right.

  22. cant u put the link of the series in the description?

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