How to get SIX PACK abs! HOT FITNESS WORKOUT — Strong Like Susan

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  1. StrongLikeSusan says:

    @itsohansilva Sounds great, I will check it out!!

  2. itsohansilva says:

    Oh hey! Have you ever tried – fast abs magic (should be on google have a look)? Ive heard some decent things about it and my m8 got hot 6 pack abs and lost tons of belly fat with it.

  3. StrongLikeSusan says:

    @murada2007 This is the one area I really focus on and I think it is a great foundation for everyone to have a nice strong core…good for you for adding some new variations!!

  4. murada2007 says:

    There is some really amazing fitness moves and ab exercises on this video. I have added in more ab training variations into my own workout and realize even more truly in shape Susan is.

  5. StrongLikeSusan says:

    @MrFaraday I still do my old school weight lifting along with my functional stuff. I tend to be 2-3 days on then 1 day off, depending if I am lifting heavier or have done some extensive plyometric workouts.. I tell people to listen tho their body and if you feel tired and fatigued, stay home and rest..the body needs that recovery time!!

  6. MrFaraday says:

    How often do you recommend these fitness workouts. Old school weight lifting is 48 hr recovery.  But does the big variety of exercises permit daily workouts? Thanks, Susan!

  7. dustman41 says:

    your barely breaking a sweat :O like omg this helped me alot :) thanks

  8. StrongLikeSusan says:

    @evy1971 Have a great weekend to you!! and thanks for the nice comments…they keep me inspired!!

  9. StrongLikeSusan says:

    @tupacgrace Thanks…Ninja like is good!

  10. StrongLikeSusan says:

    @MrFaraday That wobble won’t last long, just stick with it and your strength will increase dramatically!!

  11. StrongLikeSusan says:

    @tupacgrace Oh, that’s would be cool!

  12. tupacgrace says:

    You are a ninja! I love you Susan

  13. MrFaraday says:

    As a man who’s lifted wieghts for 30 years, I’m so inspired by your total body strength. But even I can only do 5-7 reps of some of these core strength movements. Embarassing to see myself wobble so much!


  15. tupacgrace says:

    You are batman’s girlfriend

  16. StrongLikeSusan says:

    @DorisR184 Thank you, that means a lot to me!

  17. StrongLikeSusan says:

    @whitfield337 Yes, start slowly by even just standing on one leg as you work your upper body, then start by standing on the Bosu ball with 2 feet…I worked for months to get there, but start slowly and you can do it!! :)

  18. DorisR184 says:

    You are AWESOME! WOW, you’re truly INSPIRING!

  19. whitfield337 says:

    awesome workout by far. how do you work a stability ball like that. and the mock stability surfboard? balance. can that be taught?

  20. StrongLikeSusan says:

    @TheNyny2000 Thanks !!

  21. StrongLikeSusan says:

    @usernameusername1011 Thanks, my philosophy is high intensity and progression!!

  22. TheNyny2000 says:

    wow…she’s great!

  23. @StrongLikeSusan Thank you!!! 😉 Today was my frst workout day,,,,i feel good!!!;) thanks again 😉 HAve a nice weekend :)

  24. StrongLikeSusan says:

    @evy1971 When I say clean, it just mean eating non-processed foods, good protein (chicken, fish, turkey), veggies, fruits and complex carbs! Always eat a good breakfast, and eat smaller meals throughout the day!! And stop eating a few hours before bed makes a huge difference!

  25. usernameusername1011 says:

    Damn!!! your execution of the workouts are unbelievable - I am pumped already and your video is all I needed to take it to the next level – amazing…

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