How To Get Six Pack Abs in 16 Weeks – week 2

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Video Rating: 4 / 5


  1. nOOb1hunter says:

    my fucking cat is always around me when im training also -.-‘

  2. Thumbs up If u like the puppy :)

  3. boomshackalackala100 says:

    Lol His dog :)

  4. the dog seems to be a fitness freak! nice video!

  5. @mazitottat show us a vid man, don’t hold back! let’s see!!!

  6. @infospaceserver u dont need to have huge muscles to burn fat… fat is only reserves of energy ur body will use if it doesnt have glucose so u could jump around in the street and lose fat.. dont need to do specific training

  7. @xtacy001 glad i helped u bro ;D

  8. @Seriousblack72one

    i already see em tyvm =D trololol

  9. afrosamurai303 says:

    Hey. Can mike or anyone tell me some good forearm workouts that work

  10. blackbone330 says:

    Yes You need proper nutrition to SEE your abs but you will need to build muscle so you don’t have weird and small abs

  11. baltimorejohn says:

    Good job on keeping your focus while your dog had its ass in your face.

  12. MuscleBuildingInfo says:

    Good video. Check out my channel to see my progress over time.

  13. MrBoondock1 says:

    Pay attention class section 3B is also good for a sex technique once you completed that go back to 1A after finishing

  14. nice ass…

  15. mazitottat says:

    I did follow this dude on his 12 weeks program. also followed his advice on diet. Got ripped in 12 weeks. Keep it up dude!!!

  16. ErinTaeganMarie says:

    It should not be all upper body that you should be doing!!! Ure feet are too tiny and small compared to your upper body! Focus now on your lower body!

  17. Tastylittlelemon says:

    abs have nothing to do with ab exercies, its all about nutrition…..

  18. What did dudly14 say?

  19. @ 0:55 was the dog peeing on his face…lolz..

  20. Seriousblack72one says:

    @dudly14 Thumbs up this if you agree that this guy will never see his abs

  21. nemanjam86bg says:

    Serbia ghetto workout /watch?v=HQCqgLg4zUY

  22. calf raise, i tough u were levitating

  23. Puppy @ 1:35!!!!!

  24. @dudly14 you made me laugh so hard it gave me a 6 pack

  25. <3 you inspire me everyday!


  26. its not just how long it takes its other stuff which are importent.
    im a guy and i had never 6 pack, i had as best just outlines you can see 6 pack but its not really a 6 pack.
    and i’ve trained like a athlete had a very strict diet and was strong like bodybuilder and fast as a runner but for 6 pack you have to need a natural temprature or warm habitat. like in la
    every man in summer lose fat. but if the habitat is warm almost all year than you can get real 6 pack.

  27. test123ladylover123 says:

    my gf lost 40 pounds and now has loose skin on her abs, any way to get rid of it with out surgery? she does do a lot of abd but still has loose skin

  28. meredithmccoy says:

    How long did it take to get that way? I work out too and have a slight outline of what you have…and it’s been almost two years- so how long will it take? Lol.

  29. awe, thank you :)
    can I ask – how long did it take you to shape up like that? you look amazing!

    I have a fatty, bulgy hip. I am petite :( and I don’t really have a waist line…
    i have fat arms too…i have a lot of fatty areas actually :(

    i wish i could have a body half as goos as yours!

  30. i wish u were my Big Sister 😛

  31. awesome vid!!!!!!!

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