How To Get Six Pack Abs In 4 Minutes Using 2 Towels

From Make sure you see full instructions here: This is a great six pack ab exercise but to truly get six pack abs you will need to burn off your belly fat with diet and exercise and you can easily do that by going here: IT will tell you exactly what you need to do to lose all your belly fat that is hiding your six pack abs and it will also give you tips to get a flatter stomach plus which supplements and foods to eat to quickly burn off belly fat so you can show off your six pack abs and remember… This exercise ONLY gives you six pack abs — you will need to burn off belly fat using diet, cardio and intervals to see your six pack abs and for this exercise… Do it 2-to-3 times a week 1-to-3 times a day for the best results and you will have six pack abs in less than 1-to-2 weeks but do not expect to actually see your six pack abs until you burn off all your belly fat and that can take up to 6 months or more or maybe even less than 6 weeks to see your six pack abs depending on how much belly fat you have.
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  1. OfficialCommonHero says:

    Did this, then rewarded myself with cookies.
    ahhh America

  2. NumiEnebolbi says:

    damn , this hurt !

  3. I have no idea why i like this video. is it the funny workout or the funny voice guy? But i really want that sessi sis pac!

  4. HockeyComplete says:

    Thanks allot for this , I have absolutly no belly fat so im going to do this every day and after if done the 10 sets im just going to hold it in that position for as long as i can go thanks guys.

  5. makeitmusical says:

    I’ve done this before! It’s so awesome and works the entire core. The only issue is that it sometimes hurts my wrists. What can I do to improve that issue?

  6. GarfieldInDaHouse1 says:

    Yeah!At first I was a bit confuse on how
    to manage my diet program to get the perfect
    abs. Its like will I be losing weight or do I
    need to diet? Good thing I found this site:
    And ive learned a lot through its scientific
    explanation on this.And now, couldnt be
    more happy to shape..:))

  7. estrada5907 says:

    Sounds like eddie murphy? O__o

  8. damthatriver09 says:

    what costume were you wearing? It’s quite effective

  9. steffyblablabla says:

    is this workin?

  10. @trashagal then shave

  11. gforcecable says:

    why does my back hurt when i do this?

  12. wetpplrun says:

    This might b weird but i serched up :What to do in 4 mintunes since i had to go in 4 mintunes and i got this O.o

  13. REDSCOUT3 says:

    hey inshape4u is it ok if I use the Rack machine? It has wheels

  14. Romerjon17 says:

    Banana Peels =)

  15. what you now about siss pack saaaan

  16. @SMKReviews I pushed the keys using my dick…

  17. JagerFrostTroll says:

    @TehhSweetHeart Please Stop Typing Like This.


  18. Delcid101 says:

    @trashagal use paper plates

  19. GtotheMail27 says:

    @trashagal i use two simi slick boards or books on carpet(:

  20. nekkid

  21. my frened did this but he felled and hit his heed

  22. shotteraka9mm says:

    Well we can use plastic bags example shoprite bags

  23. TehhSweetHeart says:

    I Make My Boyfriend Listen To This While We Fuck.

  24. Athletez176 says:

    @kurtis1710 THNX dude really helps i apreciate it

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