How to Get Six Pack Abs – Ingredient #4: Meal Management Strategies

Grab your 20 FREE abs training and strategy videos to get six pack abs at: Discover my secrets to six pack abs without doing any crunches, without using any special equipment and without going to the gym. Visit This is the fourth of a series of 10 videos – The 10 Essential Ingredients to Getting Six Pack Abs. We go over several meal management strategies to help you get six pack abs, including the benefits of eating breakfast, the importance of packing your own lunches, why you need to plan ahead and cook in bulk and ideas for snacks on the go.
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  1. idamartapasaribu says:

    Hi! Have you considered – fast abs magic (google it)? Ive heard some decent things about it and my cooworker got ripped Six pack abs and lost a ton of belly fat with it.

  2. GetSixPackAbsFree says:

    Thumbs up who thinks belly fat is annoying as hell!!!

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