How to get Six Pack Abs Q&A owner and Fitness Guru Peter Carvell gives answers all your weight loss and 6 pack abs questions in this brand new hard hitting feature.

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  1. tjbrunt1989 says:

    He means that per volume, muscle weighs more than fat. Protein compared to the contents of adipose tissue (body fat) has a much higher molecular weight (kDa, kilodaltons). A pound of fat will have a much larger volume than a pound of muscle.

  2. TheStroodlebob says:

    just drink 7 gallons of seimen per day and you’ll look fine

  3. Show us your abs, you little britt 😀

  4. AndrewsOpinion15 says:

    how do get a six pack that want i want to know !!!

  5. TheEnterson says:

    I have the same shirt and I love that shirt and same size.

  6. iibeavanatorxX says:

    wuts so bad about saying penis its a part of the male body its not a bad word

  7. COMPUTERNERD333 says:

    Just so you know I saw you one day at the gym during your sixpackquest for six pack.

  8. COMPUTERNERD333 says:

    1234567890 @computernerd333

  9. COMPUTERNERD333 says:

    Peter, I really wish you would make a small video about kid ab workouts and YOUR ARMS AND CHEST LOOK BIGGER THAN HELL MAN BULL**** YOU THAT BODY MAN YOU ARE RIPPED

  10. davidpenwell1987 says:

    its so weird how people always ask the same questions over and over again, get the same answers, and still dont do what they are told. then come back to someone else and ask them the same questions, get the same answers, and still hope for a new answer because they didnt get the results they wanted. there is no secret people. its always going to be hardwork no matter how short the program or how easy the principles are. you still have to work hard no matter how easy the information is

  11. maxboost724 says:

    @TheMRamstaff that’s not true at all, i used to be incredibly fat: 5’10” weighing 280lbs. I would stay hard for hours, and I almost never came to completion. My problem was psychological b/c I wasn’t comfortable in my body. But, I was physically able to perform with no problem. I got a lot of play from this “problem,” although it wreaked havoc on me mentally. (ps now I weigh 187 @ 13% body fat.)

  12. maxboost724 says:

    @rahmanrustaie you’re too young to be worried about gaining a lot of muscle. Go outside and play, ride a bike, skateboard, play basketball or football. You’re body is in the growing stage, you will benefit from all activities that raise your heart-rate. As far as lifting goes, stick to deadlifts, squats, benchpress, and pull-ups. Those are essentially all you need at this point to build a killer body.

  13. hahaha that last question was so funny!!! hahaha…But you are awsome bro!! I like your workouts!!!

  14. rahmanrustaie says:

    hey, im 16 and i want to know whats a good way of gaining alot muscle while losing fat

  15. keep it up posting videos!:)

  16. moricestreet909 says:

    @Tone92z lol I HOPE SO! I have been building my whole upper body. But now it’s time to get really ripped again!

  17. CheifLeader says:


  18. i swear ur arms are a lot bigger

  19. dragonstorm83 says:

    @TheMRamstaff the average person cums in 2.5 to 3 minutes. so, i don’t know where you get the idea of fat people only being able to last for 3-4 minutes. that would put fat people above the curve, lol. as a tip, “don’t mistake quantity for quality when it comes to sex.” lasting a long time doesn’t mean it’s good sex, and lasting only 3 minutes isn’t bad sex. as long as you and your partner are satisfied, that is all that matters.

  20. dragonstorm83 says:

    @TheMRamstaff the question was specifically about penis size and body fat. but to your argument, i disagree. estrogen neither hampers sex drive, nor does testosterone fuel it. fat does cause testosterone to aromatize into estrogen, yet only a small amount. The slightly elevated levels of estrogen in a fat male, from aromatization, only alters his fat distribution, delays puberty in fat teen males, and slightly hampers muscular development at puberty. You lose testosterone naturally as you age 😉

  21. TheMRamstaff says:

    @dragonstorm83 belly fat transforms testosterone in estrogen so its hard for fat people to get arroused and have sex for more than 3-4 min , loosing belly fat actually lets u use the testosterone that was being made into estrogen , use it for muscle building and sex and stuff:))

  22. dragonstorm83 says:

    @johndragon16 most likely, your doctor just wants you to exercise more so you will burn fat. you should drink a lot of water and do a mix of cardio and weight training to build muscle. 30 minutes to an hour will be enough. mostly, cut back on your calories and get a little more sun to help with natural vitamin D production.

  23. moricestreet909 says:

    @dragonstorm83 Thanks for shedding some light on this! :)

  24. RudyGay22Wrenie says: click 10 links and win an ipad 😀

  25. dragonstorm83 says:

    you penis is the same size, but yes, more of it will show and be “usable” as you lose weight. if you are already lean, no it won’t look any bigger. if you are very fat, yes it will look bigger and will actually stay firm longer during arousal as you lose body fat and build cardiovascular strength.

  26. 30 pull-ups! woah

  27. XxShwangBangxX says:

    you pick one of the three and do it. They all work wonders.

  28. Audioplay3000 says:

    lol… the prison squat

  29. Lol! Prison Squats!!!

  30. wellcraft11 says:

    this is a tough workout for me, no doubt about it. but, i hate fake and misleading shit, so this pisses me off. stick your stomach out and pull your shoulders back…tah dah! the “before” picture. now suck your stomach in and bring your shoulders forward…presto! you’re in shape. it’s like magic. not one of this guys web sites tells you how often to do these exercises to get these results. that way when it doesn’t work as well as he says, it’s not his fault.

  31. reeceodaking says:

    getting a 6 pack is not hard at all.

  32. charlessmyth says:

    The Hindu pushups were a bit Karma Sutra. Looks good.

  33. So, are you supposed to do workout 1, 2, 3 every other day with a day’s rest or are you supposed to do 1 through 7 everyday?

  34. sweet

  35. Its wery good! I;l try it! ^^ video 5/5

  36. isn’t it funny how the ‘Prison Squats’ make you stick ur ass out. we can just imagine where they came up with that one. *** HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH THIS MADE MY FUCKING DAY!

  37. narutoakamood says:

    ill try mi best hahahahahahah lol

  38. h0lydoctor says:

    Is there any non-gym way to train the chest muscles?

  39. Nickthepunk22 says:

    You workout in a hat?

  40. hey everybody i wanted to ask a question i am18 years old 225 pounds and 6 feet tall in my research i read that in order to gain muscle you need to eat about 6 times a day andi want and need to lose weight but also gain muscle so if to build muscle you must eat and to lose fat you must eat a little less does anyone have info or tips for me please reply to this thank you.

  41. blackflytr says:

    looks cool, ill try at home =)

  42. xbeastyx333 says:

    these workouts that hes shown are actually working very good for me :) great video!

  43. do u only do this once or do u repeat the workout

  44. Just one questions…..

    How & when do you know your ready to move to the next training set ?

  45. Just one qeustion….

    How do you determine when you are ready to go onto training set 2 ? and so forth with the other training sets?

  46. just one question, how & when do you know its time to switch to training set 2? and so forth with the other training sets?

  47. rookiestyle011 says:

    cool. i wanna try!!xD

  48. do the workout training 1, 2 and 3 in a week alternating eech one with a day rest

  49. do the workout training 1, 2 and 3 in a week alternating eech one with a day rest

  50. thegreatlark says:

    This Is cool. I’m gonna try these!

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