How To Get Six Pack Abs With A 4-Minute Hill Workout

Discover How To Get Six Pack Abs Now at Visit This was a random 4 minute hill workout consisting of Sprints Walking Lunges Bear Crawl Broad Jump Lizard Crawl Push Ups Crab Crawl Backward Sprints Discover my secrets to six pack abs without doing any crunches, without using any special equipment and without going to the gym Secrets designed to make you look great, without going to the gym. Visit:

Hosted by Rob Riches, a fitness personality and cover model, this video shows a number of key exercises to condition and develop your abdominal region to get that six pack look. This show was filmed for ProzisTV, a new health and fitness, lifestyle channel, launching soon in Europe and globally online. For more information, please go to For more information about Rob, and to see more videos, photo’s, plus how he trains, please check out
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  1. kamikaza3334 says:

    Hi hi! Have you considered – fast abs magic (should be on google have a look)? Ive heard some pretty good things about it and my cousin got hot Six pack abs and lost tons of weight with it.

  2. bcsueify says:

    Love it!  My boot campers will be doing this for a great calorie burn, and strength training!

  3. Tcareyful says:

    This theory is based on the fact that during low-intensity excercise, the body undergoes glucose breakdown (less efficient) from fat stores. While this is true, the heart rate, and thus the metabolic rate, remain largely unchanged. Therefore, not as much actual weight is lost versus when you engage in intense activity. During this intense activity, your body utilizes all of its available ATP stores and has to utilize fat stores momentarily anyway. I hope this helps!

  4. superhowtoloseweight says:

    Awesome video. Kkeep up the good work…awesome!

  5. ScottColby says:

    @laz0rer Sorry to break the news to you, but this is total crap and is exactly why you see the same fat people walking on the treadmill for an hour day after day, month after month, and their bodies never changing.

    Take a look at sprinter’s body? Are they walking or running slowly? Nope.

  6. laz0rer says:

    the best way to lose weight is through longer periods of aerobic exercise. its all about total calories burned and the most efficient and pleasant way to do this is by picking a pace you can hold for a long time and sticking to it. Walk quickly, run slowly or swim slowly for 40min to an hour every day and you will definitely get better results than any 4 minute workout can provide

  7. TheBloodSplasher says:



  8. lilkurdkilla says:

    haha i like the way his face is all black!!

  9. MrDarcyzPP says:

    I’ll be honest with ya. I do a hill workout that would make your pee-pee deflate. I run 30 sprints in sets of 10. Then I do sidesteps, then I do carrioca (not tapioca), then I do crossovers. And I don’t have a six pack. I have a 48 pack. I see absolutely every striation of every muscle on the anterior region of my body, when I care to look at it…which is only after taking a very long hot shower..

  10. MrDarcyzPP says:

    I have a six pack just watching your ass. I also think that you should run with cleats on. Slipping on a hill isn’t very good for the hips.

  11. MrDarcyzPP says:

    @aipyor If the bag is open, you will lose weight.

  12. MrDarcyzPP says:

    You should keep running, right through one of those windows.

  13. is it worth it to do this while carrying a book bag full of heavy books?will that help you lose more weight?

  14. 8ezrider says:

    lol can kids do this?

  15. bornbrew says:

    This looks like a great workout. I live on a hill and never thought about changing my hill workouts up a little.  All i do is run up or walk up real fast. Thanks Scott for sharing with us.

  16. bornbrew says:

    This looks like a great workout. I live on a hill and never though about changing it up a little. All i do is run up or walk up real fast. Thanks Scott for sharing with us.

  17. ScottColby says:

    It depends more on your fitness level than your weight. If you are new to exercise, you might want to start with walking up the hill as quickly as you can, and then walk down. You can do that for several rounds to build up your stamina. Let me know how it goes!


  18. LindaJuranich says:

    This kind of workout never gets old!
    Good work Scott!

  19. nicole1766 says:

    great quick workout however would you recommend this for ppl who are over 200lbs?

  20. KillerWeeble says:

    Love this! I am going to take my students through this on some stairs.

  21. 13adnil13 says:

    Thanks for sharing Scott!

  22. jjjjjjjjjj774 says:

    can i buy your muscle XD

  23. TheAbercool says:

    @glomr haha jealous

  24. TheAbercool says:

    @balsar429 he’s british

  25. balsar429 says:

    Does anyone know what Nationality Rob is? Is he American?

  26. Fred7080 says:

    1:05 –> F***ing motion.

  27. haha, the girl in the gym checking out Rob at 9:05

  28. reallyletsdoit says:

    @glomr saggy ? are you kidding me !!!!! freaking rock hard muscle with super lower body fat ! 

  29. how do you get saggy bitchtits like that?

  30. shatteredsoul9999 says:

    best workout i’ve seen,good advices …..thanks much!

  31. shatteredsoul9999 says:

    best workout i’ve seen,good advices …..thanks much!

  32. Ammo1174 says:

    @thallious9876 haha check out greg plitt’s videos he yells at you like noone else is in the room

  33. alphamale227 says:

    PTI! 2:30

  34. asianfaceish says:

    good body man

  35. nerdflanders8710 says:

    @Ursmare the song is go fuck yourself by Fucker.

  36. schmatever says:

    Alot of this information is just plain crap. When the legs go past the navel, they are no longer working the lower abs. He’s working hip flexors especially at the point when his feet are going so close to the floor, he’s not doing anything for his abs.

    This guy’s clearly been trained by other people to look how he looks, well done. But he doesn’t actually know anything and these exercises are rubbish.

  37. Ursmare says:

    whats the song in the background at 10:40?

  38. nerdflanders8710 says:

    you look like Tintin on steroids.

  39. nerdflanders8710 says:

    Hey rob, are you a homosexual?

  40. Clerkkent21 says:

    WTF are you talk about! You must be blind dude! I can see he works out his legs, quit hatting.

  41. oakley4ever says:

    @ahfaxthis He’s 5’11 which is actually above average height. 

  42. ravendarkfield says:

    My god – the level of jealousy displayed in comments on this video is over 9000!

    Mates, get your asses to the gym and stop failing by not having a life… thanks.

  43. MrLon2011 says:

    good upper body but clearly neglects his legs

  44. StuPhee says:

    the other woman, near the end of the video, is just straight up doing her exercises but staring at Rob haha, that’s awesome. good video man, as always!

  45. xyoungdipsetx says:

    Rob can u make a video on how to get bigger arms, bigger biceps? please respond

  46. TheMagicrob100 says:

    hey rob i just had a question whats the best meal you would suggest for a pre workout meal?

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