How To Lose Love Handles & Burn Belly Fat in 12 Minutes – Six Pack Abs Workout

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  1. flamencocaliente says:

    @genghisgirl, thank you :) can you tell me bame of the bands, are they just bands???

  2. genghisgirl says:

    @flamencocaliente You can find the bands at myosourceDOTcom

  3. flamencocaliente says:

    What is the name if the bands??? Putty nice work out!!

  4. Just subscribed for this video. It was totally helpful.

  5. yourbeautifulllll says:

    you just got yourself another subscriber !! looks like i am gonna lose a lot of weight this winter break !! haha thanks for all the videos 😀 your awesomeeeeee xoxo

  6. these moves look interesting and I need to lose some weight in a week! I”M going to try them out Thanks so much for sharing :)))

  7. shuthellupify says:

    your videos are very good but i really want to know that how fast one can loose weight by exercise and i am kind of addicted to soft drinks how can i get rid of it?I think soft drinks are one of the major reasons i am not loosing weight what can i do?i am only 19….I am not obese but i am also not in shape.

  8. genghisgirl says:

    @143Thecrazygirl Totally!

  9. 143Thecrazygirl says:

    will this work without the bands

  10. diegomendez1231 says:

    Your video is a favorite on Harare

  11. jasminka1991 says:

    Bex, how fast are we supposed to get results if we do this routine?

  12. makeawish358 says:

    did this work for anyone?

  13. ilovecupcakesxoxo says:

    i’m 125 pounds and i want to go down to 110. will doing this everyday for a month help me get toned and lose the weight? i really want to get rid of my belly fat and love handles before i go on vacation. btw, i’m 13.

  14. Am I the only one who thinks shes incredibly hot??

  15. genghisgirl says:

    @flypeepshow You can find the bands at myosource[dot]com. I used to sell them through my site and totally love them :)

  16. flypeepshow says:

    cool .. never have seen them bands before .. stay dedicated passion+ goodfood = happy camper

  17. SilverLightning14 says:

    Is it true that squats make your butt bigger? Because I definitely don’t want it bigger…

  18. xXSidneyOo says:

    So this iwll burn belly fat and love handles?

  19. genghisgirl says:

    @alrightsayyeah Not at all! They just add some extra resistance. You can do all of these exercises with absolutely no equipment and still get great results. Thanks for posting your comment! xo

  20. alrightsayyeah says:

    hey are the bands required? Or will this workout still work without them? because I cant get a hold of those bands at the moment :( x

  21. meehviolet says:

    your so fit. i’m envious :(

  22. lisadepisa99 says:

    this is unpossible, damn i cant do it

  23. @genghisgirl if i do this how long is it gona take me to get 6 pack? cuz my weight is about 54 – 55 kg it’s probly something to do with how tall i am to tho right?

  24. After exercising for a few days, I have stomach cramps–is that normal (this is also my first time exercising, after like, forever)?
    Also, could you do a video that shows us the right warm ups? Is there a particular way to do that??
    Btw, love your videos!

  25. genghisgirl says:

    @Shondabu2012 #that’s awesome! xo

  26. richmondbassey says:
  27. imTHEguyABOVEyou says:
  28. imTHEguyABOVEyou says:
  29. tiipz1000 says:
  30. Mikehanigon says:
  31. IMPORTANT BILLING INFORMATION: [taken from his website]

    As is stated repeatedly on the website, order page, and checkout page, a 30 day trial of the Six Pack Shortcuts Extreme program is included with your purchase of the program. If you do not cancel within 30 days, you will be automatically charged $67/month for 5 months or until you cancel If you do not cancel within 30 days, you will be automatically charged $67/month for 5 months or until you cancel

  32. Matty9853 says:
  33. TheFerrari145 says:
  34. therpjonkid says:

    bald bald bald bald BALD BALD BALD BALD!!!!!!!!!!

  35. WATRUGOOD4 says:

    Mike Chang does not have a six pack, he has a four pack :) lmao….

  36. gurindernikka1 says:
  37. mygrain02 says:
  38. 1XxYoungMoneyxX1 says:
  39. Abz123mufc says:
  40. khoatran4306 says:
  41. KJandProductions says:
  42. thumbs up if you saw it on the ads and decide to type “the six pack shortcuts”

  43. TheDipper53 says:

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