i need to get abs HELP ME?

Question by ben w: i need to get abs HELP ME?
i am going to be 15 in july i play basjetball and baseball, im 5’3″ and i weigh somewre around 145 i need to lose my fat and get abs, i am sick of getting picked on because everybody likes me because im very outgoign and im the life of the party but ppl kno i am chubby and i all of my friends have six packs and i need to lose my fat because its very embarising whne you have to swim with a shirt on please some1 help me please should i maybe try the ab lounge does it work? or will th ebowflex be good for me? idk some1 tell me what i should do plze

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Answer by jolo1220
my friend went on the vabrating powerplate and has never been prouder of her abs you might want to look into that

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