im 15, need help to get 6 pack abs, please answer, thanks =D?

Question by Rick :): im 15, need help to get 6 pack abs, please answer, thanks =D?
Ok im 15, about 155 lbs, i lift a lil bit, and ive started doing cardio, i lost about 25 lbs a couple months. I do situps, crunches, pushups, leg raises, and laying on ur back and cycling. i eat pretty health, i dont eat breakfast(i cant, it makes me sick that early) and i eat vegetables and a sandwich at lunch, and then a reasonable supper, mostly chicken and other meats, and no dessert, but i usually have a few small pretzels between lunch&supper. I just want to know the best thing to do to get a 6 pack and lose this flab on my gut, and as fast as i can, thanks=D
sorry for the description being so long

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Answer by Callahan F
ur too fat you’ll never have a six pack

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  1. you need to make sure your eating a lot of calories and then burning them off with working out. unburned calories turn to fat
    make sure you get lots of protein but also balance out your diet
    only work out 3-4 times a week, body needs rest. alternate routines every few weeks, as continuing the same one constantly means your body will get used to it, and it will become really easy and you wont be toning muscle

  2. When you really think about it.”Do you really need a 6 pack”?

  3. you need 2 go on a diet first and get less than 10 percent in body fat to even start to notice a change

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