Killer AB Workout – Get 6-Pack Abs! *No Equipment Needed*

Make sure to Subscribe to my video channel at: When you SUBSCRIBE to my video channel you’ll get early notification of the NEXT Video bodybuilding workout training video! This is a killer abdominal workout that will help you build ripped 6 pack abs. And the best part is you don’t need any fancy exercise equipment. You can do all these ab workout moves with just your bodyweight. You can do these exercises anywhere, anytime, NO GYM Required! So if you are working out at home, or while traveling, you can still stay in shape and build muscle! Also make sure to Check Out The Extreme Fat Loss Program: This is an awesome diet & fat loss program that you can follow with the beach body ab workout video to get ripped 6-pack abs! Also make sure to follow me on Facebook. This is where we can hang out, interact, and chat. Just click on the link below and LIKE the Total Fitness Bodybuilding Facebook Page! You can also follow along with all my latest workout tips right on my blog at:


  1. Where can I get a screen saver of Trish doing the ab plank? :)

  2. leemhayward says:

    Yes, because this video was shot in Mexico where it’s nice a warm, even in December :-)

  3. vplougoboy says:

    its december and youre training abs next to the beach, wearing only a shorts? WTF?

  4. AndrewMaj2000 says:

    I guess I gotta go buy some over-sized shades so I can so side planks at the beach.

  5. @leemhayward
    LOL… I have absolutely no idea how I missed that:) But I guess it’s a complement to your arms, since they they steal all focus from that HUGE text box:) And thanks for clearing things up…

  6. unknownsuperi0r says:

    @leemhayward lol sorry I normally turn off my annotations :)

  7. @leemhayward Wow! Thanks so much for the effort, Lee. That dedication combined with the info you share i why you’re an awesome onlin fitness guru. Keep it up!

  8. leemhayward says:

    You don’t have to put the same energy into training abs as you do say training a major muscle group like legs, chest, or back. But you still need to train them regularly.

  9. MoronHunterD says:

    @leemhayward lol just realized ur in Mexico.

  10. leemhayward says:

    LOL if you actually go to 2:25 and read the text in the upper right hand corner of the video you’ll see that I explain what happened to my arm. I guess you were too busy looking at my arm to read the text on the screen LOL :-)

  11. leemhayward says:

    I have no idea, as I haven’t weighed myself in a few weeks… But if I had to guess I’d say around 210 pounds.

    The place we are staying at doesn’t have any scales, heck they don’t even have a TV, radio, or cell phone reception… It’s 100% peace and quiet which is nice for a change. I’ve had to go to the local restaurant to access the internet just to post these videos.

  12. leemhayward says:

    Resting your head on your hands actually takes pressure off the neck and spine, it’s pulling on your head that can strain the neck, there’s a HUGE difference.

  13. leemhayward says:

    If you know of anywhere in Newfoundland that has this kind of weather in December, please let me know :-)

  14. leemhayward says:

    Reducing the waist comes down to diet and cardio. You can go to my website LeeHayward . com and download a Free Copy of my “Bodybuilding Quick Start Kit” this has some good training and nutrition tips that will help you in these areas.

  15. leemhayward says:

    If you go to the point in the video at 2:18 and read the text in the upper right hand corner of the video I actually explain what happened to my arm. I guess you were too busy looking at my arm to read the text on the screen LOL :-)

  16. hockeymaster12345 says:

    @leemhayward ahh i don’t train them but i don’t like to train hard on them like every other muscle group.

  17. Hi Lee…. Just wondering… The inside of your right arm looks very blue/dark when you are doing the crunches. Did you hurt it or is it just the color on video that tricks my eyes?? I guess your not trying to pull of a “Jay Cutler” …LOL :)

  18. SleepCatSleep says:

    I’ve been watching a lot of your videos and it made me subscribe.thanks for great advice on a lot of stuff.

  19. MrElsociopata says:

    Mr. Lee, I started training in October and there has been results in my arms and traps. I am however lagging on the legs and reducing the waist. Please can you reply with litttle advice?

  20. dsingleton1000 says:

    @rampagetapout thats what im saying stomach vaccuming is better than ab exercises, go to strengthcamps channel ull find stomach vaccuming on there

  21. MoronHunterD says:

    LOL .. Lee did you shoot this in New Foundland in December?

  22. @leemhayward He uses stomach vaccums, to strengthen the inner abdominal wall, it slims the waste, and if done correctly, can be used as a natural weight belt. over strengthening the hip flexors and outter abdominals can lead to poor posture ive read, i do a mix of both.

  23. longliveislam94 says:

    You are awesome! You have definitely hekped me out with my fitness journey

  24. @leemhayward you’d have a killer physique if ya did stomach vacumes brah, same we’re manlets :/

  25. rapturerock says:

    Putting your hands behind your head on crunches can have a negative effect of your neck and spine. I don’t recommend that

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