Killer Fat Burning 6 Pack Abs Workout, Burn Fat & Get Ripped in 20min

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  1. GregorRFC1996 says:

    good workout mate but i think the background music is a bit cheesy?

  2. jacobgriffinvidds says:

    I think that this video is useful for many people.

  3. Thanks for great video, have you heard for smart599workout, I heard so many good thinks about that workout. My friend got powerful 6 pack abs, but he refuses to tell me how he did that :(

  4. pervychika666 says:

    After this I’m sore…

  5. xCrazyKidz421x says:

    how the fuck did “wich one?” get top comment

  6. daamardeep says:

    wats ur BF% !

  7. madan9871 says:

    Oh hey! Have you thought about intellectus 424 diet (search on google)? Ive heard some incredible things about it and my cooworker lost lots of weight with it.

  8. ducking1010 says:

    Hey! Have you thought about intellectus 424 diet (search on google)? Ive heard some amazing things about it and my friend lost a ton of weight with it.

  9. LyonPierce says:

    I dont understand, this practices make you burn fat and make your muscles at the same time but you already busted this.. pls help will this only burn fat

  10. Magicaltwin says:

    how many calories do i actually burn if i do this in 20 minutes? :)

  11. chocolantrosa says:

    im trying this tomorrow, ive been meaning to incorporate some cardio in my workouts

  12. extremeboyHD says:

    Your house is basically a hospital for working out.

  13. First: Which one of these should i do if i wanna focus on my 6-pack? Second: Where you got the music from? It’s awesome! Just like your videos, i use the dumbbell exercise and the beginner abs :) Now i just need to lose some fat, and then i got my six-pack! 😀 looking forward to it :)
    Oh and what do i do if i don’t have an exercise ball?? Is there an alternative?

  14. First: Which one of these should i do if i wanna focus on my 6-pack? Second: Where you got the music from? It’s awesome! Just like your videos, i use the dumbbell exercise and the beginner abs :) Now i just need to lose some fat, and then i got my six-pack! 😀 looking forward to it :)

  15. Khethelo1 says:

    How do I lose the fat around my waist @moricestreet? Khethelo, South Africa.

  16. MickJaggerr1 says:

    sounds a bit South African

  17. Ikbenerookgraagniet says:


    At 2:16 he says: Asshole
    (looks like)

  18. EverybdyLies says:

    i have burned 3 % Fat and lost 2 kilos with this tricks in 2 WEEKS ! (im 14)

  19. shuvro20102 says:


  20. TheAdaz94 says:

    Can u please tell me how can I build massive muscle like Lin dan’s shoulder.
    -please do reply-

  21. very good video ..i will be using this program.Thanks

  22. moricestreet909 says:

    Ok guys, I will jump in here :) First of all I am not just PT who got his course over a weekend, just in case you wondered. I am actually a qualified Sports Therapist and then I have every other small and big PT course that is worth having. So yes I am no Doctor but I can tell you that studies that’s been done have actually shown that weight training doesn’t have a direct effect on your growth neither does it really have any negative effect of any kind if done under professional supervision.

  23. @aDxFaTe There are obviously varying opinions in the weightlifting world, but no evidence WHATSOEVER has ever pointed towards that being the case, rather, it’s been the other way around. It’s an old myth that unfortunately some people take as fact. And I don’t think you should rely on your gym coaches for your source of information. Becoming a personal trainer etc. is as easy as taking a short course and getting your diploma/certification. And nice of you to detect a typo, that help your case?

  24. @runlildoggy Ignore both of us and just go and see a health professional. This other bloke is basing his facts on his personal experience not from facts. I’m simply implying what I’ve been told from health professionals.

  25. @Kynokeh Ok idiot, I didn’t claim this information to be my ‘broscience’ did I? I got this advice from my gym coaches which are obviously professionals in this topic. If you go and ask a professional not some random like yourself, if weightlifting can ‘stun’ (not ‘stunt’ – nice english) a young teenager/13 year old i’, sure they will respond with ‘yes it’s likely to happen’ (or around those lines). So as you would say… sorry, but YOU obviously don’t know nothing about lifting. Learn the facts.

  26. xBENZBOYx says:

    240p you suk ass

  27. @adrillikatithang crunches help. i like the ab wheel


    @adrillikatithang IT does i have a fade six pack and it getting better despite my friends teasing for showing it off too early

  29. @adrillikatithang no 

  30. WhytyProd says:

    Situps will get you a 4 pack but you need to be doing these type of excercises plus cardio to get a 6pack.

  31. ryanisbeast09 says:

    @adrillikatithang Crunchies will!

  32. @adrillikatithang Sit ups is really ineffective it mostly just hurts your back

  33. @adrillikatithang no it will give you a hurt spine.

  34. GlocksInABox says:

    @adrillikatithang Eventually… over a long period of time… you need to vary your workouts so your body doesn’t get too used to the one motion. What you eat also has a huge impact.

  35. ThePaperFalcon says:

    that man is doing his reverse situps too fast and by using his arms as leverage he isn’t getting enough of a workout. don’t use your arms or legs as leverage.

    there are ways to get a six pack without the use of gadgets. try them – faster results.

  36. mathias12131415 says:

    @adrillikatithang well sit ups do focus on the abs and they strengthen the abdomens but he’s right in saying that an eating plan is the key and cardio workouts do raise the rate of metabolism and with a combination of all of these you can strengthen the abs and get rid of body fat which will help show the specific abdominal muscles and get that six pack everyone wants.

  37. TEAMxACIDx says:

    3:00 I totally agree.

  38. Dantheszabo says:

    @adrillikatithang Rather do crunches instead of sit-ups.

  39. SupaDupaFunTime says:

    Abs exercises alone will NOT get you abs, you need to do weight training in bigger muscle groups to burn the fat around your abs so they can show through.
    YOU CANT SPOT FAT REMOVE, like doing situps wont take fat off of your belly, itll just make the muscles bigger

  40. abloobudoo009 says:

    @adrillikatithang Sit ups alone? Yes, but you won’t get the results you want because sit ups mostly work the top ones.

  41. TheMahagoni says:

    @adrillikatithang as long as you do it till you can’t no more , it will

  42. dawnkeyballz says:

    i have a one pac and its very BIG

  43. piercetopherb says:

    @adrillikatithang no sits up ect make ur abs bigger like how a curl make your bicept bigger, if your fat stay away from ab work outs until u cut down otherwise itll just make you look fatter since the muscle gets bigger under th fat, you need both cardio(hiit, m-100’s ect) and ab workouts for a six pack in the end and atleast 3x’s a week

  44. solocuubo says:

    is that MLB on showing on the TV back there??

  45. TheEasyhunterful says:

    oh shit that must be very hard :))

  46. SubMeAndSubYou says:

    @adrillikatithang situps give you a six pack to but crunches are much more effective

  47. djzmixman says:

    hey boommike get out my shot

  48. @adrillikatithang Sit ups will give you a six pack but you wont be able to see if you still have a lot of fat on your stomach. Ab exercises dont burn stomach fat, they just make your abs bigger. If you really want a six pack you have to do cardio to lower your body fat %

  49. @adrillikatithang it’s mostly for losin body fat

  50. Darknesszx3 says:

    @adrillikatithang Yes, but it will only workout the top section, not the bottom. So your abs will get messed up

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