Killer Home Ab Workout: How To Get 6 Pack Abs Excercise in 10 Minutes Fast

How to get 6 pack abs fast at home, no equipment is necessary. This routine is great for those that do not have the time or means of going to the gym. This can be very effective in giving you those nice lean abs that you have always wanted. REMEMBER to always watch your diet. It does not matter how many crunches you do a day if you do not watch what you eat you will never gain abs.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Get 6 Pack Abs at home here: In Week 2 of the “Home Abs Workout” Blitz we show you just how fast you can see results using “6 pack abs” exercises that fatigue your abs in minutes instead of hours and also some key nutritional advice to help you strip away the fat to show off that “6 pack” just in time for the summer (or whenever else you may be starting this!) The greatest part about “abs workouts” and most abs exercises is that they can be done in the comfort of one’s home. If your “abs workout” requires you to have to go to the gym every time you want to do them, more often than not…you’ll probably wind up skipping the workout entirely. With AthLEAN-X and celebrity trainer Jeff Cavaliere, you not only get access to some of the most cutting edge abs exercises and six pack abs workouts but you get stuff that you won’t see anywhere else! You see, AthLEAN-X style training is different. It is derived from the way that Cavaliere trains some of the most elite professional athletes and celebrities in the world to give them the physiques that you see on tv each day. Put the “Home Abs Workout” Blitz series to work for you and after you’ve seen results (in as little as 3 weeks) then head over to http and grab the full 90 day training system that has been voted “best abs workout” and “best arms workout” for 2010. It’s time to get ripped, athletic and lean. It’s time to get ATHLEAN!
Video Rating: 4 / 5


  1. JGGunboy97 says:

    He looks like ronny from Jersey shore´╗┐ ­čśë

  2. alexfleming10 says:

    uh.. do you even have a six pack? like not tryin to shred or nothin but ive seen u in this and ur older ones and i´╗┐ didnt see any abs through ur underarmer, no abs are buldging and yeah it hurts but i dont see very many results.

  3. MrIlovemadison says:

    @MrIlovemadison also 4:03 – 4:06´╗┐

  4. MrIlovemadison says:

    @MrIlovemadison dont´╗┐ forget 2:34 – 2:40

  5. MrIlovemadison says:

    @MrIlovemadison jk its´╗┐ actually 1:58 – 2:01

  6. MrIlovemadison says:

    lol´╗┐ 2:01 eeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  7. @GEICO110000 no you need´╗┐ 2-3grams of protein for every kg u weigh.

  8. MrChrisHaugen says:

    damn, this works :)´╗┐

  9. KawasakiMr69 says:

    @lakkasito´╗┐ G Shock

  10. killadon09 says:

    does it really work ?

  11. khaledbashdash2880 says:

    are you in a´╗┐ farm or what ?

  12. Dman2k12TheKnicks says:

    This video´╗┐ sucks like i doesn even work abticular section its basically working for your thigh muscle and calphs

  13. how it’s´╗┐ called the watch he is wearing?

  14. GEICO110000 says:

    AIDHIVASS thanks for the advice I got confused with his body building vid. If you have done this workout´╗┐ how long did it take you to get abbs?

  15. @GEICO110000 dude. 300g of protein is too much! take about 70 – 150g before´╗┐ gym and after :)

  16. GEICO110000 says:

    I am in my early teens. I have been doing this workout and I was wondering´╗┐ do I really have to eat 300 g of protein a day for it to work, becuase I am so young.

  17. GagasHooker says:

    @HappyFrownHD every other day, do cardio on the in between days. i do monday abs- tuesday run- wednesday abs- thursday´╗┐ bicycling, etc..

  18. This has to be´╗┐ the best work out on the net

  19. Thumbs up If You Kept Forwarding It To´╗┐ See His Abs.

  20. cropwner14 says:

    hi bro, im 17 and im in good form. I can´╗┐ see my 6 pack´╗┐ but how do i get them more ripped ?? .. im trying and trying but i cant do it with exercise’s that i was doing to show them up .. any suggestions ?

  21. TheStormEyes says:

    Bro Your By Far one Of the most Amazing Senseis On the Net,´╗┐ i tried your Stuff for like 3 weeks straight and my Girl Could not keep her hands off my Crazy Abs. Your The Man.

  22. lol so many keyboard-sports-experts…sick of this shit….
    do it better then
    I think it’s a nice vid. especially for people who don’t have a clue´╗┐ on training, this could help them.

  23. cometandroid says:

    @gametimes58151 who are you tell him to stop making certain kinds of videos? And if your so´╗┐ good at abdominal work out exercises why are you watching this?

  24. ive´╗┐ done the plank for like 15 mins before… and i was doing it right.

  25. rEdEyEdSn1PeR says:

    2:34 LOL :D!!!´╗┐

  26. adrianlee3 says:

    hey jeff, just started watching ur vids and i have just started to bodybuild. ive just´╗┐ turned 16 and im a mix between ectomorph and mesomorph (my metabolic rate is pretty high) and you can kind see my abs, slightly. its just that i have ectomorph abs where it’s pretty flat, sort of like a canoe shape, how do i make it like a real 6 pack??

  27. @larssie7 hey man i have the same problem as you and LesPaulRockerProduct and´╗┐ i’m wondering the same thing what should i do to be able to see my lower abs?

  28. @LesPaulRockerProduct hee dude i’m 13 and i have the same problem!´╗┐ i have a 4 pack too but i can’t see the lower 2. it’s very nice of jeff if he answer this question! thanks already!

  29. i have train a long´╗┐ time already but still dont have any abs =(

  30. How long is the rest between sets and´╗┐ exerciseS? :/

  31. Foxrider4564 says:

    you look like nomar ´╗┐

  32. Jeff you are the man (p.s. I think you can hear your dogs in the background, lol. Those guys are awesome)´╗┐

  33. LesPaulRockerProduct says:

    Firstly I just want to say what a great channel you’ve got jeff, and I love your videos, really been able to help mix up my own workouts, Im 16 and Ive been using the gym close to a year now (both cardio and weights) and Ive noticed I have a 4 pack but for some reason I cant seem to get the lower 2.
    any advice?
    and as always´╗┐ keep these videos coming! ­čśÇ

  34. reallyletsdoit says:

    burns so´╗┐ much!!!

  35. BabyGsus7 says:

    Yup i fail i dont have those equipment´╗┐ :(

  36. cardician2008 says:

    @JDCav24 hey jeff, so does it mean that at the first week i´╗┐ only do abs exercise and then other exercises (arms, shoulder, etc) next week? so, in 1 month i do 2 weeks for abs and the rest 2 weeks for other routines? please reply, thanks jeff, appreciate ur great videos

  37. Ayztee23 says:

    hey jeff i’ve done abs blitz part 1 it was very nice, but when i clicked on abs blitz part´╗┐ 2 it contains or requires equipment i dont have like the medicine ball and tubing or exercise band, are there any thing else i can do to get the same result? thanks

  38. TheLeontv says:

    @kingersdk you should probably increas´╗┐ your protien

  39. XxDAVID305 says:

    hey´╗┐ jeff.. you said that abs can be trained everyday… but do i use this same exercise everyday??

  40. dunnythefrog says:

    can u use weights instead´╗┐ of a stretching band for the standing tubing over twist

  41. SuperJohnGoss says:

    jeff you said that i dont need cardio i know this is´╗┐ true i can partally see my abs but i would like to define them more will cardio make this happen faster for my diet i eat six meals with little or no amounts of fat and sugar and twenty six grams of protien per meal each meal being about 260 calories

  42. emman3251 says:

    hi jeff,what suplements do you take or´╗┐ recomend

  43. LJSTAR360 says:

    i can feel my abs´╗┐ but i cant see them, anything can help tht please thanks

  44. gaiiman says:

    can i get a link or anything for the sixpack saturday video? and is there´╗┐ a sixpack saturday video for every week or how do they work?

  45. zekalish says:


  46. InterrymemQc says:

    Hey jeff ive beintrying to get a good work out but i had never finish one like i all ways give upnbut is it possible that i can get pecs and 6 pack abs iff i am 6 fett 15 yearsold and 200 pound but you would say that i am fat but no when´╗┐ you look at me i just look tall and large shoulrs please help me

  47. RaisedTalent12 says:

    Great exercises Jeff, been following AthleanX on Youtube for the past 3 weeks and am for sure ready to go the next step and get the program.

    With all that said, i found week two of this easier than week 1. But I know its from my new found strength thanks to your program!´╗┐

  48. kingersdk says:

    hey Jeff I’m a big fan … just one question´╗┐ bout the diet , I’m 18 .. 6ft2 but only weigh 10 and a half stone … shud I eat more fat or wat shud I do ??

  49. TheBardh98 says:

    Hey, Jeff. One question: I’m following the AthLEAN-X´╗┐ program from the first week, but i can’t see my abs! I’m 1.72meters tall 64 kg, but when i lie down i can see my 6 pack! Any advice !

  50. Wayofthefighter says:

    @preston5192 I wouldn’t think so because Jeff said it’s not about cardio (moving your body) so basically all you need to do is like Jeff said… Good diet (which´╗┐ from what I here you are doing good at. ;D ) and strength training. Hope this helped. :)

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