Killer Six Pack Abs Workout Program – week 1

Visit for the complete Iron Man workout program. Six Pack Abs Expert reveals how to build your body into an “Iron Man” in 8 weeks or less. Get your FREE 8 week Iron Man workout program by visiting my site. Power Yourself with this advanced iron man workout program…. Viktoria Telek shows you how to get rid of those love handles. No more crunches. The best Ab workout to get you that six pack you always wanted. Get lean, sculpted, ripped abs. BURN that flab/fat on off your stomach.
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  1. Thank you for your helpful video, have you heard about smart599workout, I`ve heard so many good thinks about that workout. My friend got perfect 6 pack abs, but he refuses to tell me how he did that Sorry :(

  2. Teamavatar08 says:

    @scissorpissor I train 4 times a week

  3. scissorpissor says:

    I got a question.. How many times a week do you have to exercise?? I mean, is it 2-3-4 days a week? or just 1?

  4. guitarking10000 says:

    @Napalmreaper NOOOOOOO, stay away from steiroids. they messed me up bad. and i had a friend that died from them

  5. Trognerina says:

    how much does one of the weights on the video weight

  6. ambushed13 says:

    @Napalmreaper hell no they make your dick small

  7. Thefinaltear says:

    crunchs, pushups, reverse crunchs cardio/run

  8. what did u eat and how many reps r u supposed to do

  9. TheFlaFlip says:

    Man, you have thin legs compared with your upper body

  10. Rockstarallaround says:

    nooo..theyl kill him…and if they find him on roids theyll throw him out

  11. and impossible.

  12. achoubey1 says:

    Can u please tell some sets of exercises to make abs which does not require any instruments… thanx

  13. dommywins says:

    u need to see a doctor to acctualy find out what ur doing to ur kid

  14. Napalmreaper says:

    Are steroids healthy?

  15. VNVungtauVN says:

    yea give him roids and you’ll go to jail where you belong

  16. VNVungtauVN says:

    you wish and thats just cruel

  17. Napalmreaper says:

    He is nine now. I’m wondering if it is to early to start him on Roids. I want him to be a beast in football. lol you guys should have seen him sack this quarterback – put the kid in a coma for a week. My son’s going to be a beast.

  18. dommywins says:

    he forced ur 8 year old son to bench 210lbs :O im sorry but that is just messed up and weird

  19. luiisarturo says:

    where are youre pectorals jajajajajajajaja

  20. Napalmreaper says:

    I force my 8 year old son to bench 210lbs. He finds it hard and painful but I bet he could kick this guys ass.

  21. loonatick0218 says:


  22. sonsofthepatriots says:

    dude u should work out an hr at a time, ur vids only last 10 minutes for a work out. my work outs r more effective, and actually have me sweat! i am the same weight as u and at 5’10

  23. dirtysa99 says:

    bullshit workout….nice body??? wtf….hhahhahahahahahahha.

  24. watch all his videos….

  25. yarakzeps says:

    nice body.. but with this pussyworkout i’m 100% sure that your on roids 😀

  26. Abberssssssss says:

    I’m excited to do this because it is feasible to do within one’s own home and requires minimal props. Thank you!

  27. shipa7373 says:

    Holla! Have you heard about – fast abs magic (google it)? Ive heard some incredible things about it and my friend got hot 6 pack abs and lost lots of belly fat with it.

  28. kumara32001 says:

    Holla! Have you heard about – fast abs magic (search on google)? Ive heard some decent things about it and my m8 got hot 6 pack abs and lost a lot of belly fat with it.

  29. how many times a week should i do this to lose these awful love handles i have?

  30. rickyruffle says:

    turned down the volume at 1:45

  31. BebeLatina1 says:

    i did this and it feels GREAT!

  32. breebree91594 says:

    where did you get your shorts ? there cooll

  33. MattieBoyMusic says:

    this is the best workout BY FAR

  34. thevioletshow2 says:

    what are some exercises to get rid of cellulite and love handles. i dislike it so much..plss help

  35. BieberiluvJustin says:

    How Do I look like you i know you have done some gym workouts but how do i look like you?

  36. dragonballzgirl2 says:


  37. walnutcreekjg1385 says:

    i love this workout please dont delete it

  38. EddyLOVEJenny says:

    it is so great!!!!easy to do at home

  39. greeneyedbeauty44 says:

    what does your eating plan consist of? I am trying to find a good eating plan to help aid with my work out to acheieve a flat stomach but right now there are no results..what do u eat??

  40. very good exercises i like it :)

  41. BieberiluvJustin says:

    how did you get so toned i mean seroiusly I go to a gym I play basketball I eat kinda good how did you get your body???? What do you eat

  42. dreluyimae says:

    omg i want your body!

  43. TheRobMargolin says:

    great video PLEASE everyone BEWARE  the 31 weight loss pill is killing people PLEASE type in KILLIAN MCIHAELS THE TRUTH and then please those into fitness and helping others please help spread the word and maybe we can save a few lives thanks

  44. BieberiluvJustin says:

    Them twist thingys are fun

  45. BieberiluvJustin says:

    on the park at 4:51 it helps if u use a chair 4 balance

  46. chiefsupers says:

    im wanking

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  48. nutritionista88 says:


  49. SiennaDestini says:

    people are such perv’s ! .. how long have u been doing this routine?

  50. Do we do 2 more sets of this workout or is just once?

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