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The Afterburn Training Video: sixpackshortcuts.com I’ve gotten a ton of questions lately asking me: – How do you train and eat personally? – What’s the Afterburn Effect, and how can I use it to get in shape? – How did all the guys with the before and after pictures in your channel get in shape? I put this video together to show you what you can accomplish with Afterburn Training, and to let you know about the full-length video on my site that talks about Afterburn Training in detail. Check it out here: sixpackshortcuts.com You’ll also learn more about my full system for getting a ripped body and six pack abs, Six Pack Shortcuts. The goal of Six Pack Shortcuts is to maximize the Afterburn Effect from each workouts. All workouts are short, intense, and a very unique combination of heavy, compound lifts and high intensity cardio. Check it out: sixpackshortcuts.com *** And by the way, THANK YOU for all your support in the comments! If you’ve picked up the full course, I’d appreciate if you could share your experience with it and what results you got. If you’re thinking about picking it up, I definitely encourage you to check out what my clients have to say about it on YouTube and on other social media sites too. Thanks, you guys are awesome :) -Mike — FTC LEGAL DISCLAIMER FOR BEFORE AND AFTER PICS: The before and after pictures in this video are real guys who have transformed their bodies with Afterburn Training. But of course, they did this by CONSISTENTLY following my
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  1. sixpackshortcuts says:

    @criss694 member.sixpackshortcuts d.o.t c o m

  2. sixpackshortcuts says:

    @ELITEAKSHOT123 With this program you get my meal plan. Zero Willpower Eating System. It tells you all that you need for nutrition for the duration of the program.

  3. sixpackshortcuts says:

    @Halick Yeah, good idea.

  4. sixpackshortcuts says:

    @jassy2k9 It is mostly transferrable. We have a 67% female completion percentage of the program.

  5. sixpackshortcuts says:

    @botyboi08 email me: mike at sixpackshortcuts dot c o m

  6. Rodrigosuprem says:

    1:46 left pic is wide

  7. RichyJam2011 says:

    Thanks for the inspiration Mike. I’m currently watching the video. Very interesting so far. This is my new years resolution. Thanks again friend

  8. botyboi08 says:

    hey mike, i recently tried purchasing your workout program but for some reason my the webpage said “transaction error” when i put all my information through . I don’t no what that was concerning but now I’m a little bit skeptical about trying to purchase it again, can you help me?

  9. Hey, just wondering if you’ve had any women try your program? Are there any serious modifications that should be made or is it mostly transferable?

  10. funkzsupranv says:

    damn i always watch your vids.. but never got the motivation to do it lol

  11. gandhakwala says:


  12. About the introduction video, It would be awesome if you posted a shorter version, it kinda takes awhile until you get to the point.

  13. @sixpackshortcuts Sorry to bother you Mike, but which is your member’s site? So I can take a look at your PDF files please. Thanks man :)

  14. ELITEAKSHOT123 says:

    what meals are good for this? Is Brown Rice, tuna and past (no mayanaiise) any good for meals like this and should i EAT before i workout/???

  15. ozboybrian says:

    To save you some Megabites, don’t watch the video here just click the damn link! lol.

  16. sixpackshortcuts says:

    @marko94serbia Yes, the main core program is $97 for lifetime access

  17. sixpackshortcuts says:

    @ERAGON199612 Contact me through the member’s site. It will be easier to track issues that clients are having.

  18. sixpackshortcuts says:

    @savebylundqvist3530 Try it. Best results have been had b those who email in questions while in the program. It really allows us to help you.

  19. sixpackshortcuts says:

    @mdafifii Unfortunately we are not close captioned. I apologize.

  20. sixpackshortcuts says:

    @beekyosuke Talk to one of my coaches and we can customize it for you.

  21. sixpackshortcuts says:

    @engymaster LOL!!! P’BnJ!!! I understand. It’s a tough one. Moderation my friend.

  22. sixpackshortcuts says:

    @undyinglylty568 Try doing some of the routines on my YouTube Channel. There are some great playlists with a lot of outstanding workouts for you try.

  23. sixpackshortcuts says:

    @ChronoEnik184 Great work! Keep with it. Remember, if you have any questions email us and I wil answer your question, help you through something, or just give a little encouragement when needed.

  24. SkateEscapistMo says:

    Surfs up! Its dinner time.

  25. ERAGON199612 says:

    Hey Mike, I tried going to your PDF reports and i can’t seem to enter into the “The Top 10 Fat Burning Foods”. Please help, thanks :) I’m only 15 by the way.

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