M-100s — Insane Home Cardio Workout For Ninjas

Why long, slow cardio is a waste of time: sixpackshortcuts.com In this video, I show a great home cardio workout that I’ve been doing lately. This workout is great for losing fat and building a ripped beach body. It’s many times more effective than long, slow cardio workouts like treadmill jogging — and it only takes three minutes! It’s definitely one of the best cardio workouts at home that I know of. Best of all, this home cardio workout can be done with NO EQUIPMENT, and no gym membership needed. It’s extremely simple — you just have to learn three basic bodyweight exercises to do it. Here’s how to do this home cardio workout: Squat thrust — 10 reps Mountain Climber — 10 reps (counting 1-2-3-ONE-1-2-3-TWO) Squat Jump — 10 reps Repeat these exercises until you have done 100 reps total. You will end up doing 40 squat thrusts, 30 mountain climbers, and 30 squat jumps total. Credit for inventing this home cardio workout goes to DAVE GINSBERG, Dan’s jiu-jitsu coach in Boston. If you’re in the Boston area Dave is a top notch Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black belt, and highly recommended for martial arts instruction. He’s also a great personal trainer and has many more great workouts like this which are very effective, and can be done with minimal equipment. For more info on how to get a ripped body and six pack abs: sixpackshortcuts.com PS — Use this link to share this video with your friends! youtu.be
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Hardgainers: Do NOT go to the gym until you watch this free video! www.sixpackshortcuts.com Hey Guys! In todays episode I am going to talk you ya’ll skinny guys who just cant seem to put on size no matter what you do! I know this can be frustrating, and thats why im giving you guys some meal alternatives like weight gainers or meal replacement shakes to really put on lean muscle fast! The most important thing to remember while on a weight gainer diet is to…. TRAIN HARD! If you are not working out with a scheduled and regimented routine you are just going to be storing tons of excess calories making you fat instead of ripped! Now once you start to pack on your extra muscle, switch over to getting all of your calories and nutrients from REAL foods. First of all your body is way more receptive to receiving its nutrients in this form opposed to concentrated supplements, but also I know you will enjoy your life way more meal to meal…. rather than shake to shake. So here are the two major point I hope you take away from this video… *Pack on the calories in any way possible! *TRAIN HARD!!! So thats it guys! But before you go check out this crazy video: www.sixpackshortcuts.com I give you some tips from my Zero Willpower Eating System – the nutrition program I use personally to stay in shape. I show you why I think the key to a great diet isn’t counting calories, taking supplements…and that it really doesn’t have anything to do with which foods you’re eating. What I found


  1. PumperUK says:

    Lol I got the full program on ebay by searching ‘m.chang sps’ and found insane home fatloss and Shaun T’s Insanity as well on the same listing!

  2. BiTLordful says:

    I did this exercise and I am very tired now .. but I have a question can I do this exercise several times a week

  3. its not good, its too intense and too short to be effective

  4. jose jeffrey gornal says:

    sap ser.mike it is god to once a
    day ?

  5. tommy hickey says:

    hey Mike love the vid’s and seems like they would help alot but u nvr talk about overtraining even in any of your vids ive been 2 of your vids for 4 or 6 days a week and im gaining weight please help me with a good week workout

  6. Davetherandom1 says:

    @snowstorm951 i’ve heard that it’s alot better to do jogging but i’m not very good at this

  7. Check out our channel for tut videos and different splits, advice and critism both appreciated thanks.

  8. snowstorm951 says:

    Mike please respond !!
    I’m very skinny (i’m 17 years old) and I want to get abs. Right know i’m doing your 9 min cardio and some weightlifting to lose some fat is this enough ?? should i do this to and if so for how long? plz plz respond and help a teenager from Sweden (sorry for the bad spelling)


    is it better to do it before or after taking food? like breakfast

  10. Well, my build is a little bigger than one, a little smaller than the other but I’m still fatter than both of them combined! lol

    I am going to employ this for a few weeks and hopefully get rid of the belly I haven’t managed to eliminate over the last few years in my strict workouts and diets. I just avoid cardio waaaay too much!
    Just goes to show you can’t “muscle” your way through all obstacles.

  11. suman gurung says:

    Sup, have you seen the Fat Blast Lifestyle? (Google it). My mother told me it helps people get thinner.

  12. suman gurung says:

    Sup, have you seen the Fat Blast Lifestyle? (Google it). My mother told me it helps people get thinner.

  13. ThePhixi0n says:

    This is such a great WARMUP before lifting weights

    You guys are the absolute greatest. Thank you so much for ALL your free videos, you have changed my life. I am now ripped as fuck. I was 270 lbs at 5″10, on sept 14th 2011. Everything changed since September 15th.

    I am addicted to lifting and working out now. I use to be lazy and fat. Now I feel great and I look great. I also eat great because I felt bad working so hard and eating like shit.

    Only supplement was Omega 3-6-9 and multi vitamins

  14. josefishmora says:

    Mike Please Help!

    How many sets/rounds of this should I do a day? How many times a week?

  15. MrShagification says:

    Can I do this if I’m not a ninja?

  16. superarfaan says:

    i do about 150 -250 squats once i did about 350 in one session made every part of my legs bigger

  17. superarfaan says:

    yeah definetly

  18. yeahwhatever313 says:

    can anyone answer this.. how often should i do this.. im more concerned with shredding a little stubborn fat for now not much but i dont care if doing it everyday isnt letting my muscles repair is doing this 6 days a week okay?

  19. Bryan Anthony says:

    Mike answer this Question Please ,
    How many calories would i burn doing this 5 days a week ? , Does it including eating healthy ? Thank you .

  20. but it’s still a good idea to do 20-30 min of cardio(in addition) each day to keep your cardiovascular system running strong, (i.e you heart).

    the fat burning is just a bonus
    but long cardio is mainly to keep your heart and body healthy

  21. XspartanLeaderX says:

    You should post a video on how to get ripped calf’s! or just legs in general.. I’ve been watching most of you’r videos Mike, and doing the routines but it seems like my upper body is getting bigger while my legs stay small. A video with thy and calf workout’s wouldn’t hurt?

  22. XspartanLeaderX says:

    Dude how do you get calf’s that size??!!! That’s insane.. Teach me how!!!!!!!

  23. iRaithYou says:

    Does this also trigger after burn ?

  24. rave208 says:

    btw its very hard to gain muscle and lose fat where you can see a difference. if you want to u have to have it seasonal. Bulking for 3 months then you cut/ shred for a month and you cycle this. Creatine can also let you see muscle gain clearly but only take them during bulking season otherwise its useless.

  25. rave208 says:

    you don’t lose the whey, its essential to have protein in ur diet. if you want to lose weight increase your protein and fats but decrease your carbs to 100g or more depending on you height to weight ratio. theres the keto diet where you increase protein and fat but keep carb to 30g and below. this makes you lose fat like crazy but you might lost muscle in the process as well. i recommend the keto diet, if used should be cycle. Search up Carb cycling.

  26. mariusedge says:

    Whey protein has nothing to do with losing fat. You lose fat by being in a calorie deficit, increasing your activity level and consuming less carbs. So don`t stop taking whey because whey does not make you fat. Of course if you consume ridiculous amount of whey protein your body will store it as fat, but I doubt you do that.

  27. gymanst1234567890 says:

    As a gymnast, I do not lift heavy weights(occasionally i lift light weights) because my workouts consist of body lifting strength exercises. Should I incorporate lifting into my workouts and any recommendations for muscle soreness from over training. Btw i have a pretty good build, but i want to gain muscle around the shoulders and chest to increase my strength on rings.

  28. CommanderRumorZ says:

    This guy metabolises when he talks!

  29. allanrastas says:

    Can I drink that thing if I have 16?

  30. christoffe93 says:

    13 years old? in my opinion that’s to young to start it will defiantly stunt your growth a friend of mine was a hard style bmxer from 13-17 and was really muscly compared to most people but he never grew much more he was supposed to be around the 6ft -6ft.2 mark but is only 5.8ft now and he has stopped growing so its a matter of what you care about height or muscle mass

  31. MrRDOTM says:

    Has anyone taken a protein powder called “mutant mass” if so whats the review on it… Btw im from uk

  32. ADOTQ786 says:

    Can u give a list of all the foods to eat to gail weight plz

  33. antwan7151 says:

    i just 13 years old and beingh workout lately then when it was 3 months i never had a ripped body all i just want say can you please help me mike

  34. keep at it, as you are working out you also need to gain a bit a fat, for the muscle to proscess it, just dont drink too much ^^ shake a day keeps the doctor away

  35. foreverrock123 says:

    I’m in the exact same situation now! Have you come across any answers?

  36. imgeisfuckingugly says:

    mike can you please make a workout for the skinny guys then??

  37. jamaika112 says:

    Hey Mike , when I started going to gym I had 51Kg (it was 8 months ago almost 9) Now I do have 58 , im about to buy serious mass ON , but they say to take it after age of 18 , what do you reccomand?

  38. catoyoyo says:

    thank you so much man.

  39. andrewzordon07 says:

    anyone else notice how he starts to get sweaty half way through the video..
    burning calories as he talks – ohhh shit!

  40. EKanesTV says:

    Please check out this video that refutes some of the information that Mike puts out:



    hey mike,
    im 5’11 174 lbs im pretty big but i wana gain more muscle mass but im scared that mass gainers will have a bad effect on me, i go to the gym 5times a week and we have a weekly routine that works all our muscle groups. would you recomend for me to take massgainers ?

  42. MrJamhandman says:

    Thanks Mike. I have a new perspective on my training after this video. Cheers

  43. tanchaorong says:

    23 total sets is great for skinny guy to gain muscle?Is it overtraining?For example, working chest and triceps

  44. tanchaorong says:

    what product have the best weight gainer ?

  45. ididurmom7373 says:

    go to google, type six pack short cuts (his website) and watch his 30 min video it will tell your answer my answer is burn calories what? yes that what he said still WATCH the video
    crushes is the least workout that will give u abs do other exercises add weigh and dont just work on bending your abs do side turn your abs well i dont u understand that part but burn the fat and RUNNNNNNN alot 2mile a day if really want them do 4 mile my name is jame juarez and im 15 and have abs message me back

  46. TheOldGreggggg says:

    Great information, but can you talk more about the muscle gaining exercised for skinny men. For example how many times a week for 1 type of muscle, how many rest days. Plus how many sets and reps per muscles. Cheers man

  47. mauroking103 says:

    Can you talk about what guys that are skinny that have huge appetites but very fast metabolisms should do to gain muscle and lose belly fat. I can eat so much dam food but I don’t get fat, I just burn it off, but I’m super skinny, I have an average body. Talk about it if you can. Thanks Mike.

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