Massive Bowling Ball Shoulder Workout

SHOCKING muscle video: Big news sixpackshortcutters! I’m in Orlando right now, filming a TV segment with the Daily Buzz! I’m super excited for this, and I think it’s going to be a great way to get more people started working out and eating right. I’ll let you know how it goes, and hopefully I’ll have some clips of the show I can post for you guys. I’m having a blast in Orlando, but I didn’t forget about y’all when I was here! Here’s a shoulder workout I do in my apartment when I really want to bring out my deltoids. This is a great shoulder workout for men to get the V-shaped body that women love. And when you’ve got massive shoulders from doing shoulder workouts like this…you’ll look MUCH bigger when you are wearing a shirt as well. Here’s how it’s done: DUMBBELL MILITARY PRESS – 4 DROP-SETS: Just like a regular military press, but with dumbbells. Try to arch your back and bend your legs as little as possible to really isolate your shoulders. UPRIGHT ROW – 4 DROP SETS: Hold the dumbbells in front of you, and row them upwards towards you head. Try to avoid SWINGING the weight up with your back — stand as straight as possible, and move the weight upwards with your shoulders. I didn’t have any lighter dumbbells, but as I said in the video usually I will use a lighter weight than this and use my back less when doing this. BENT OVER SIDE LATERAL – 4 DROP SETS: Turn the dumbbells OUTWARDS to hit the back of your shoulders. Keep your legs as straight as
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  1. furlano7 says:

    @sixpackshortcuts I was a skinny guy but i followed your´╗┐ tips and in 3 months i gained 25lbs of lean muscle :) Trust me guys it works you just gotta work hard and be consistent, don’t give up, and EAT EAT EAT ­čśë

  2. SIOSpawn says:

    hey ive been doing this workouts and my hands tingle, sounds weird i know but the best way i can describe it is that its the same feeling as when you hand falls asleep and then comes back and you get that tingly spiky feeling, does anyone know why? am i´╗┐ doing to much? ive been working out for about 4 years now, but these make my hands tingle, lost, is it unrelated or what, HELP! lol

  3. ArtArchitecture96 says:

    how often´╗┐ should one do each workout, once a week, twice?

  4. AdrenalineRush14 says:

    I watch all your videos,´╗┐ and now its like, your house is my house now:)

  5. kimandduran25 says:


  6. manualman271 says:

    bt fr me 25 kg is heavy…my highest is jus 12 kg,,is tis weight is suitable´╗┐ fr me

  7. manualman271 says:

    tis is cool´╗┐ man

  8. Mobudu74 says:

    Great! thx! Next time,´╗┐ shows us some Wu-shu? ­čśë

  9. trueirishdude says:

    do u use any supplements?´╗┐

  10. mrdowning151 says:

    So with this one, do we not extend´╗┐ our arms all the way up?

  11. Capcom449 says:

    Forget that! You should be Ryu´╗┐ from Street Fighter!!!

  12. BFH9marci9 says:

    Thats´╗┐ just not sounds as cool, I don’t mind I stay at Captain Korea.

  13. OSplendrousSerpent says:

    Hey it’s all gravy. :) You were probably just trying to be nice and wanted to compliment´╗┐ him. Just next time do your homework ­čśë

  14. 15viceandvirtues says:

    My muscles have been a lot firmer and tougher so far, which´╗┐ comes before building the mass, I guess. I just gotta keep this up!

  15. SamuelTarekegne says:

    i feel tired´╗┐ just watching this

  16. Srpskeoci says:

    so this works´╗┐ all parts of the shoulders?

  17. BigChiefMike says:

    “I have an´╗┐ army”
    “we have a hulk”

  18. justfor559 says:

    yes it can if u use to much´╗┐ weight

  19. Tinkym0n says:

    sick workout bro, felt´╗┐ like a beast while doing it ­čśë

  20. Tinkym0n says:

    Do you mean upright row? its for´╗┐ your traps mainly if im not mistaken

  21. hisheee12 says:

    hey mike listen, ive been working out for 2 years now and everybody told me that the 2nd excersize u did is a back workout and ive been doing it´╗┐ on my back workout but u did it on shoulders so?

  22. Tarek20x says:

    Hey Mike, can shoulder presses stunt growth?? or, do they put pressure on´╗┐ the spine? and shrugs as well

  23. okdlaak1 says:

    isnt it pyramid sets since ur goin from high reps´╗┐ to low reps?

  24. SeanKimStyle says:

    Love your kindness,´╗┐ Mike.

  25. SeanKimStyle says:

    Will you forgive´╗┐ me?

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