Medicine Ball Six Pack Work Out

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  1. dublinblue4 says:

    effective. thank you.

  2. 2wild8coco says:

    who is this Angelo guy? hes so hot lol.

  3. SADamaza1596 says:

    very interesting

  4. powerstuffup says:

    he still has belly fat..

  5. sparklydiamond says:

    He’s HOT 😉

  6. datdudekaykash says:

    cool nipple piercing dude!!!….

  7. nightfire007jb says:

    @birdysansaver When you workout, your abs become bigger due to the active congestion (blood) and seem to “close the middle line”. I don’t know your %bf but it’s a logical explanation… Maybe true…

  8. hi

  9. eddouble11 says:

    Great Demo!!! Thanx!!!

  10. birdysansaver says:

    do you know why when i workout my abs i dont get a line down the middle? i just get like bars across basically but when i dont work them out i have a good 4 pack?

  11. at 2:30 it looks like he has the legs of a three year old or something

  12. the best diet is the gym and burpees.

  13. kamurtrim11yahoocom says:

    i use a 40lb ball lol

  14. wich is the best diet for six packs

  15. TezukaKohei says:

    @stevepom However, holding your legs stationary just above the floor (about 2 inches or so) requires abdominal strength as it is straining all muscles in the core to perform this action.

  16. TheFBIProfile says:

    @northstar1984 um, ur not supposed to eat less, maybe eat less portions per meal, cuz eating less slows down ur metabolism and is actually unhealthy if ur someone that exercises alot, the more u eat and the more u workout increases ur metabolism cuz ur stomach is doing more work digesting food, but u gotta workout to burn the food u just ate, the main thing is to be active

  17. steveswiftcomedy says:

    Great workout!!!

  18. LifesMistress85 says:

    I guess I’m the only one that was distracted by his nipple ring. :oT

  19. Lifting your legs up lying on your back is not an ab exercise. The reason you feel tension in your abs while performing this movement is because you need to protect your back from the damage that you’re trying to do to yourself. Basic biomechanics: muscles cross the joints that they flex or extend. Abs do not cross the hip, therefore they are not being directly worked. So, exercise number 2 is directly exercising your hip flexors, idirectly exercising your abdominals etc to prevent injury.

  20. @dreamboynyc2 Your abs/core are used in almost every day to day movement. They’re designed to be worked.

  21. easling01 says:

    good tips like the video

  22. @MightyMite76 3x a week w/ enough reps is usually good.

  23. MightyMite76 says:

    These are great.
    I’m going to give these a try.

    How often do you do these exercises?

  24. GoinCrzyWanaCom says:

    @northstar1984 Eating less is actually not true. When you eat less your metabolism does not stay active therefore when you feel extremely hungry and then you eat your body store more fat out of what you’re eating than it would if you were to eat smaller portions 6 times a day. High protein, low carbs, no HFCS, high fiber, and low fat diet will do the trick.

  25. TinkerSparkle says:

    This is one of the most perfect step by step work out, i am watching over and over again and trying these at the gym, thanks so much for sharing!

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