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  8. TheAdamski19 says:


  9. cool1songs says:

    you stole moricestreet909’s video

  10. TheEasternOutlaw123 says:

    how are u teachin how to get 6 pack in six minutes if the vid only last 5:28

  11. How many times should u do it a week

  12. tobywood112 says:

    safe famo

  13. whether it applies to people who are a little harder

  14. this does really workk..thnxx mann!!

  15. nikobelic25000 says:

    thank you man i watched this a month ago and now i came back to comment and its working so far.still need work though but anyway thanks

  16. AncientzXX says:

    @kallind2200 Yes. Do the whole workout, then do it again 2-3 times.

  17. kallind2200 says:

    When in the end of the video theres wrote “repeat 2 to 3 times” does that means after you just complete it?

  18. ForeverVans says:

    Wow Yhu Like Copied This Video Yeah Thx For All The Work Yhu Did! NOT!

  19. 123MuffinStud says:

    It sure would help if I could see the workout names on the top.

  20. i have been doing this for a month, now i have a six pack, but still need to work. thanks

  21. FartingBearPower says:

    mahn i did 6 pack in les than 2 week’s from this vid omg u rule

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