My Before and After Photos of the 6WeekSixPack Xtreme Challenge

I just did this: and these are my before and after photos of the results I got in just 6 weeks with home workouts. The exact same home workouts I give you guys to do, I did, and these photos proves that they are as powerful as I always tell you they are. So if you are ready for a challenge, then come join us at and get into the best shape of your life in just 6 weeks!

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  1. pantshead234 says:

    @TheCaroll8 me too lean weight a lot harder than people might think

  2. TheCaroll8 says:

    i dont want to lose weight i want to gain . Can i use your program

  3. XxdragongokuxX says:

    u can do a tutorial about the correct meals to eat? 

  4. darknebula666 says:

    it shows  the date

  5. Pr0m0sL0oOver says:

    I’m a skinny guy does that affect on getting ripped? I used to train, If I stay strong my 6 pack are much visible like yours but when I release its almost nothing

  6. djjireh says:

    awesome Peter! Just tell me what is the newspaper for?

  7. lookthrumyeyes says:

    superb… superb… superb! way to go Peter! totally inspired!!

  8. SuperGameunit says:

    yes but without the protein shakes u would be near as you are now….They say that protein shakes give u fake muscle and if u dont exercise i tbecomes fat instantly…is it real?

  9. ThatMaverickGuy says:

    I was wondering whether you were South African, and then I saw the news papers 😛 Great video, by the way. Very inspiring!

  10. IndependentPolitican says:

    but actually everyone would be able to do it … some need more training some less…

  11. MejJalTok says:

    one more thing.. how can I get a bigger chest though? I want a bigger and cut chest too!

  12. MejJalTok says:

    lol honestly, the last photo still looked photoshop–I swear, but you have a video of you from before and after, so I know it’s true. Hehe +1 like from me!

  13. mitjaea says:

    I’m average looking. Height: 175cm, Weight: 65kg. Let’s hope this will get me a more defined body if I follow the program till the beginning of summer.

  14. suryayt01 says:

    no doubt you have attained nice 6 packs but it also seems that you have kind of dried up, espacially the face looks like sucked in and dried. is there any way to regain the plump in the face. I see so many fitness models with six packs but their cheeks are also full. wonder how this happens :(

  15. undertaker7523 says:

    what is the equipment you need to do six week sixpack?

  16. fercblue says:

    you didnt look that fat in the first week, that’s like cheating hahaha! So which was exactly your routine? Can you share that?

  17. chrisnul2 says:

    lol, left bicep+chest is bigger…. fap fap fap

  18. bboynuk96 says:

    Dude , its perfect but even in first week… u havent any fat and u have already some muscles… so we need at least 10 weeks .. 😛

  19. TheDudezer says:

    He went to the tanning salon between week 5 and 6 for sure!

  20. josepovilla says:


  21. TokyoZeplin says:

    dude, you’re 10 years old, don’t think about your abs! Just do a healthy workout every few days! Besides, your entire body is going to change in a few years when you hit puberty :)

  22. TokyoZeplin says:

    losing 35kg in 6 weeks is certainly nothing to complain about, that’s a very solid result! But obviously the starting point is important to take into consideration when thinking about how long it’s going to take, as well as body fat %. Obviously someone who is 130kg, with 20% body fat, is going to take longer to get results, than someone who is 90kg and 12% body fat. But at the rate you’re going, I think you should see results soon :)

  23. NDNguitarguy says:

    Can somebody please tell me from experience if this is a good program for Grappling/MMA

  24. dasoeco says:

    Were you relaxed on the photos?

  25. raistalnaker says:

    Better ad placement would easily solve this issue, place the ad(s) at the start of the video that way the exercise is not interrupted but the ad still gets to viewers.

  26. suyom00 says:

    Hi, have you wondered this program called the Fat Blast Lifestyle? (go search google). My cousin says it helps people get thinner. What do you think?

  27. winnerrajib says:

    I have a question, have you seen this thing called the Fat Blast Lifestyle? (do a google search). My uncle says it helps people lose pounds. Thoughts?

  28. pctgroup says:

    nice video….

  29. Thank you for your comment we appreciate your feedback. We are currently looking into a second option for our viewers, this would exclude the advertising however will incur a cost to the viewer.

  30. tfcowdery1 says:

    Seriously, how could you put an ad in the middle of the workout? I used to love your workouts, but that might just be too annoying. It’s not even in between exercises!

  31. CyprusLenny55 says:

    Sorry! Nice accent though.

  32. carpathianfeast says:

    Aussie? South African.

  33. Gracias. Sigue trabajando duro.

  34. kfa77cr says:

    exelente me encanta hacer tus rutinas

  35. Meshugenah79 says:


  36. xSpanknx says:

    FAIL. 28:55 Min !! :L

  37. VDRXR4478 says:

    Love it! Its gonna be part of my routine now!!

  38. CyprusLenny55 says:

    The accent is not British but definitely Aussie. Its all absolutely brilliant. Good Job!

  39. Great. Thanks for the feedback. Don’t forget we have more! Also see our website where you can own the video and not have to stream every time.

  40. Luciana7197 says:

    I really enjoyed it!

  41. alexcuddeback says:

    About 3 times.

  42. alexcuddeback says:

    About 3 times.

  43. South African :)

  44. Michalbasavraham says:

    I love the accent, it’s British? (not sure if it’s Aussie or something).

  45. Michalbasavraham says:

    I just did this. I like it. ::-)

  46. raddnesskatt says:

    haha thanks so much.. I was wondering!!!
    I appreciate the reply =)

  47. It is “Pull your belly firm” it was a bit windy that day and the microphone is under her shirt so not the best way to record the audio.

  48. raddnesskatt says:

    is sounds like she’s saying “pull the baby firm” what in the world does that mean, and what in the world is she really saying?

  49. raddnesskatt says:

    relax your face!

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