My Honest Confession.?

Question by snipersethi: My Honest Confession.?
For the past year and a half i’ve been on a quest to get thin/sporty/ seen as attractive by girls. I was sick of being the fat kid girls laughed at or disregarded as tubby and longed to be like a certain member of the rugby team. A guy who was slim tall but strong and athletic. I started running regularly and eating more healthily , cutting out the junk food from my diet e.g. crisps which i used to adore and have every day, now i cant remeber the last time i had them also cheese :(

Anyway, i lost the weight and got alot fitter and built up my stamina. I started doing sit ups and got strong 6 pack abs blah blah and also did some weights and push ups every day. However, one part of my mission still remained, the quest to get thing calves and legs, no matter how hard i tried , all my hard work seemed to come undone after a few days off my usual running schedule. by the way i run every day except wednesday and saturday usually , for around 1 and a half miles. continues in next question_>

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Answer by *OzZy!*
You sound kinda hot…My boyfriend has skinny legs and i dnt find them very attractive…Hes well built from top but the bottom is out of proportion…remember people have different body shapes and structures you might not be able to get rid of of those calves and legs…I have 3 brothers and all 3 of their legs are very similar and very massive but they are not overweight nor fat…If you have been doing sports your legs build muscle therefore giving your legs a bigger surface area.. I dont think they will go…Just be healthy and sexy ! :)

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  1. I have problems keeping weight ON my legs! lol. I was taking a kickboxing & Boxing class awhile back and lost most of the weight in my legs. We ran..and I mean RAN. We’d have to run up and down 4 stories of stairs on the side of a building every class. Then after that we’d run back to our building which was about 2 blocks away. I lost weight in my legs really fast.

  2. smartguy says:

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  3. First, congrats on the great progress. Sounds like you’ve been working hard, staying disciplined and keeping focused, which is 75% of the battle.

    In terms of developing your legs, running every day may actually be hindering your ability to put on additional muscle mass in your legs. If you look at distance runners, their lean muscle mass is actually fairly low. Sprinters, on the other hand, have huge quads, hamstrings and calves. This is because their style of running requires power, instead of endurance.

    I would recommend changing up your running regimen slightly. Instead of running for distance every day, take two or three of your running sessions and instead turn them into mass building sessions. Not only will this help burn additional fat, but it will also train you for power and strength, which will encourage additional lean mass in your legs.

    The best approach to this is to perform sprints or interval train during your running route. Sprints are easy. Go to a track in your neighborhood, or find a flat, even field (like a soccer or football feild). Perform a light five minute warmup jog and then run the length as fast as you can. Give yourself a few minutes to catch your breath after each length, and then repeat. Do this 4-6 times to start. It will probably take you around 20 minutes total. You’re done for the day.

    Another approach is to vary your intensity during your normal run. So jog at a light or moderate pace for 3 minutes, and then run as fast as you can for 60 seconds, return to your light pace for 3 minutes, run as hard as you can for 60 seconds, etc. Continue repeating this cycle (called an interval) for the duration of your run.

    Training with sprints and high-intensity intervals have been shown to not only burn more fat than distance running, but also build lean muscle mass.

    Finally, you don’t indicate whether you have access to a gym or weights, but if you do, I would encourage you to add some resistance/weight training for your legs into your workout schedule. Squats, lunges and deadlifts are your best overall bets for additional leg development.

    Best of luck!

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