Myths about six pack abs busted

I hear a lot of people talking about everyone has abs. The truth is we do but not like you think. My Story Part 1 I was born march 9, 1978 in the rural south in a small town called Dublin, GA. If you know anything about the south you know that southerners are proud of and enjoy their home cooked meals. The usual country menu consists of fried chicken, pork chops, collard greens, bacon, grits and macaroni and cheese to name just a few of the many delicious choices. To start, I am what is referred to in the south as a similac baby. Around the time I was born the new baby formula was what was used by everyone to feed their babies instead good healthy breast milk. Anyway, the hot brand to use was similac pretty much the same today, hence branding the generation of kids similac babies. I would imagine I owe credit to the baby formula company for the mentality of mixing all of my food with other food. My mix of choice for food was the incredible eatable bacteria “cheese”. I would mix cheese with almost everything. Cheese with eggs, cheese with rice, cheese with sausage, it just didn’t matter either there was cheese or it just wasn’t right. Although, it tasted great, adding cheese with the already highly saturated fat and highly refined carbohydrate menu of the south, it was a recipe for disaster. CHECK BACK FOR THE CONTINUATION OF MY STORY, MAYBE YOU CAN BENEFIT….. Hello everybody, my name is LeeI am a stay at home dad . My channel and videos are all about physical mental and


  1. Stuckherewithyou says:

    Thanks for posting man, subbed.

  2. superdadtv says:

    @dawgstress73 No problem, I think the fear that all the necessary information being available to the public will put fitness gurus out of work is why they don’t share some key elements and mislead to a certain extent.

  3. dawgstress73 says:

    What you are saying makes SO much sense!! Thanks!

  4. superdadtv says:

    @BrendenHisao650 anytime

  5. BrendenHisao650 says:

    @superdadtv Thanks alot!

  6. superdadtv says:

    @BrendenHisao650 Not really, if you have been training for many years, and had thick abs, like myself, then stop for a while and start back up say a year later, the deflated abs will rise up and maybe push out a quater of an inch. So if you are only doing ab work, theoretically yes they may stick out but if you working the obliqes and seratus, no you stomach will get flatter. On the other hand if you have nver really trained abs, and start the will show a slight improvement.

  7. BrendenHisao650 says:

    Like moss on a rock, thats what big guys abs are, like me haha. also is it true, if you have a a belly with alot of fat on it,, and you do abs workouts, its just going to stick out more, because muscles grow when you work out, and the muscle is under that fat, so wont it make your belly stick out even more?

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