need help with arms, pecks and abs please!?

Question by Hunter S: need help with arms, pecks and abs please!?
I have asked this so many times.
okay, here I go again.
I’m fifteen, 108 pounds, 5’6, male
I’ve had the same workout for three months and I have barley improved.
I have a six pack, but like everyone els mines covered with a bit of fat so you cant see it.
I don’t have pecks, but want nice arms and pecks and abs.
I do 500 crunches, 300 lifts (with 15pounds) and about 100 pushups every night.
Before this I did five pound lifts and 300 crunches and 50 pushups a night.
I eat so healthy, I get in every piece of fruit and vegitable I need, I drink water !NON-STOP!
I’m sick of no improvements in my arms, pecks, and abs.
I need some real ancwers.
Need them quick because last summer I stayed away from taking my shirt off

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Answer by Kevin
You need to start lifting heavy weights and eating more. 108 pounds is very light for your height, you wont get muscle without eating more. What you are doing is almost like endurance training, its not bad but you wont get what you want with that kind of training.

If your school has a weight lifting room or class you should sign up for it. If not join a gym and look online for some routine to build your upper body.

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  1. EAT, EAT, EAT!! I was able to go from 135 lbs to 175 lbs in one summer. I ate like a horse, made sure I ate at least 1 gram of protein per pound of body weight, and I used Mike Mentzer High Intensity training routines (AKA heavy duty).

    Here is a youtube clip of one of the routines. clip is kinda boring, but gets the point across

    Part 1
    part 2
    part 3

    Now here is my whey protein schedule

    Right out of bed 50 gram shake/smoothie
    Immediately after workout 50 gram shake/smoothie
    Right before bed 50 gram shake/smoothie

    Then sometimes if I wake up in the middle of the night, I will go to the kitchen and have another 50 gram shake/smoothie.

    This blows up recovery and puts the mass on quick!

    Here is a protein link

    Here is a WICKED gainer smoothie video

    Try and eat a couple of these mega gainer smoothies per day in addition to your normal diet and your sure to gain!!!

  2. It seems to me like your doing to many reps. You should do 20 reps of weighted crunches are perform them slowly to increase the size of your ab muscles. Do around 5 sets of 20 per day and add in reverse crunches are leg lifts to tone your lower abs. Side crunches will help you tone your obliques once your abs are more visible.. You should do 4 sets of 8 reps for weightlifting and perform them slowly. Too many reps can decrease the size of your muscles. And also increase your weights because you won’t see any improvement in size if you use the same size weights over and over. Do bicep curls hammer curls, preacher curls, tricep dips and over head extension, wrist curls for your arms. Bench press and dumbell flyes for your chest. Hope this helps =D

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