opinions on sprinting vs jogging….. which is better?

Question by whitebelt!: opinions on sprinting vs jogging….. which is better?
I read a book called “the truth about sick pack abs” by Michael Geary, he mentioned in the book that highly variable intensity cardio is better than the low to moderate intensity training which is jogging. He has a point saying that sprinters look ripped and muscular while marathoners look emaciated. I want to look muscular and ripped like the sprinter, I want to see my abs. I want to hear opinions from seasoned runners regarding this, is this all true or BS? sound off everyone…..

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Answer by Taylor
Well, sprinting is more vigorous, so it’ll build more muscle, but if you’re out of shape, and can’t sprint for a long time, you’ll need to start off with jogging. The idea is to keep a steady pace aerobically, not go on and off. If you have to jog for a while to get in shape, that’s fine, just don’t push yourself too hard or you might want to quit, which ruins the purpose of starting in the first place.

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  1. kklem52606 says:

    Both jogging and sprinting are completely different. Sprinting is aimed at short distances and jogging is for endurance. Both are respectable but you need to train differently for each. Try what you’re good at. If you don’t like running long distances then join the track team and work on your sprints!

  2. lestermount says:

    You are not going to develop abdominal muscles running it doesn’t matter how fast or slow you run.
    It is BS. You must do abdominal muscle exercises and have a low body fat percentage, and running doesn’t enter into it.
    Sprinters have more mass and power, distance runners are lean, but they are not emaciated, and they do have a six pack.

  3. mariam.missy says:

    I;d say its somewhat true.
    because running fast and short increases muscle strength.
    and sprinters work out on thr side too, its not all just about the running.

    and long distance ppl, they have abs too trust me. It’s just the rest of their body is lean and they don’t work out that much with weights. usually just core work outs which directly affect teh abs.

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