Pressed For Time Abs Workout ( Get Ripped in 5 Minutes ) brings you this powerful abs workout you can do in 5 minutes or less. Using two very powerful ab exercises to creat one insane combo abs workout this will help you burn those abs like nothing before. So if you are pressed for time this Peter Carvell home abs workout is just want you need!
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  1. kboard10 says:

    watched this and tried it, really great! blasted the mid section. thanks for the vids peter, im in better shape than i have ever been thanks to you!

  2. why did you stopped uploading videos of gym routines :( ?

  3. Tory Lanez says:

    i tried ur exercises….now i have a 4 pack….how long for me to get a 6 pack on doing this exercise..

  4. rivercryforrain says:

    LOVE your videos Peter – you rock !!!!

  5. TheHazim31 says:

    do it how many per week? and how month can get this abs?

  6. TurtlesRunReallyFast says:

    Lekker boet

  7. TheAwesomeviking says:

    Easy to just throw this exercice into the end of your workout. Only five extra minutes.

  8. MegaHeart33 says:

    great idea and great video all your videos are really informative! Thanks!

  9. kallostomika says:

    nice workout man.Could you accept my ab workout as a video response for a fan and subscriber?It would mean a lot for me thank you

  10. moricestreet909 says:

    Good luck!

  11. moricestreet909 says:

    4 sets of as MANY as you can with 30 seconds rest between each set.

  12. 25sportie says:

    You are so hot!!!!

  13. magicc9x says:


  14. hamzaG100 says:

    dat shit sexy bro

  15. TzrAvoR says:

    love u man.

  16. BSTJordy says:

    Okay tommorow im gonne start too with your excercises ill take pictures every week of me and vids like u and post it somewhere :)
    im so motivated now 😀

  17. shoaibsvids says:

    i see improvement thanks man!

  18. LunaChick415 says:

    My stomach was hurting just WATCHING you do those crunches.

  19. Superloco0233 says:

    @moricestreet909 Sorry I do not understand much English.
    How many reps and sets to do?
    I like your videos 😀

  20. n1c0l4s9723 says:

    what’s a good workout to loose weight before gaining muscle can you help me?

  21. SlimBoyMusic says:

    Hey man I realy want you to reply to my coment. Is it good cardio jumping jacks ? I don’t Have Alot of fat . My belly fat is 1-2 inches and I have Alredy have 4 pack I Joined 6 week six pack to get more ripped so is it OK if I do Only Jumping Jacks for Cardio ? If I send you my picture of me can tell me what should I do . PLEASE REPLY

  22. moricestreet909 says:

    lol, sounds about right! :)

  23. Evil0Teddy says:

    Peter could you please upload your full cardio + abs? I really want to see how tired you look after it 😛 , because when I`m done with my cardio + abs routine there is a river of sweat on the floor 😀

  24. Dreaken1001 says:

    I got the same problem, I would love to hear a solution for this!

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