Psychotic Afterburn Training Workout

Afterburn Training….EXPOSED: Sixpackshortcutters, we’ve stepped up our cardio workouts to the next level! Here’s the latest Afterburn Training cardio that the Six Pack Shortcuts crew has been doing after our weightlifting workouts. It’s crazy intense, but real simple to learn. And it only takes 8 minutes! Combining this workout with heavy compound weightlifting is a great way to trigger fat loss through the Afterburn Effect. It’s also good to do on its own, but do it after a weightlifting workout and you’ll see how intense the Afterburn Effect is! Here’s how you do it: — Each exercise is 30 seconds, then you rest for 30 seconds. You can keep track with a regular stopwatch or clock, but the best way is a GymBoss timer. You can pick one up at If you’re doing it after your weightlifting, do each exercise once (6 minutes total.) If you’re doing it as a workout by itself, cycle through each exercise 3 times (18 minutes total.) The exercises: 1. BURPEES 2. JUMPING KNEE TUCKS 3. SPIDERMANS 4. PRONE COBRA 5. SPRINT IN PLACE 6. HIGH KNEES 7. MOUNTAIN CLIMBERS 8. SIX PACK WIPES 9. IN AND OUT PUSHUPS 10. KNEE TO ELBOW PLANKS 11. DOUBLE PUMP JUMPING SQUATS 12. JUMPING LUNGES — And if you loved this program, then I’ve got some BIG NEWS… I just filmed a full workout course which is consists of 100% intense bodyweight exercises like these that you can do with no equipment. I designed them to trigger the Afterburn Effect and give you a great


  1. Dman7468 says:

    I would fell like an idiot doing this at gym

  2. glitterdustification says:

    i feel immature for laughing at that but couldn’t help it lmfaaaaoo !!

  3. Mfazzina7 says:

    does the afterburn truly work for fat loss?

  4. LHR111BLACKHEART says:

    Mike has a shirt on :O

  5. durianman97 says:

    does this workout effective for teenage?

  6. ThemGnarlyBoys says:

    In his pajamas like a boss

  7. LoganHallard says:

    I just tried this workout but extended it to 30 minutes and holy crap it is awesome! I feel so pumped right now!

  8. RicRagsLive says:

    Dan jumps like a ninja !!

  9. misstique08 says:

    i feel that workout already, and i haven’t done it yet

  10. TheSpaniard1521 says:

    does it work if I am 14

  11. MrKimura12 says:

    ok thanks man do i do them in the morning or after dinner??

  12. isyutd159 says:

    yeah and if u diet well, mike chang’s insane fatloss channel, check it out! has food tips and stuff on there, good stuff

  13. TheSpaniard1521 says:

    Oh so what is in this video is like if I do this will I loose a lot of weight

  14. drako812 says:

    how much calories does this burn

  15. christopoll24 says:

    Man it feels good after doing this. I plan on doing it once each 2 days.

  16. MrKimura12 says:

    what is afterburn effect do i do insane exercises or what some1 tell plzz

  17. isyutd159 says:

    those arent short and intense workouts, 

  18. K1ngDukk3 says:

    Um.. everytime I do the sixpack wipes, I hear my back popping. Is that supposed to happen? Like I crack my back lol..

  19. @awbhqhs sure is right. When i was working out hard to make muscles my senior guys did not tell me about this method. btw! really I encourage you set aside just 10 minutes and make up your mind for yourself. must watch this killer video methods here ==>

  20. BDKMEKANIKAL says:

    mike, how many time should i train(this workout) per week?

  21. wegoAZNDummy says:

    EDIT: oh, except for the M-200’s, I’m not fucking with those as I value my heart being intact as opposed to an exploded paste of goo in my chest.

  22. wegoAZNDummy says:

    this is by far the toughest workout he’s posted on either channel. the others are hard but get manageable after a couple sessions…this one just sucks every fucking time.

  23. Dooomrawr says:

    The guy in the black wife beater seems to put the most effort into working out.

  24. Crisiscoreffx says:

    this video would actually be better in insane home fat loss channel

  25. valdez682 says:

    Mike Chang gots a small wang LOL

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