Q&A: Do this mean that I’m sick?

Question by 50 Mil: Do this mean that I’m sick?
Well I go to gym and play a lot but when it come out to the boys room (where we take a shower) i find out that almost everybody has 6 packs of abs but I have 8 packs. I’m only 15 yrs old does that mean that I’m sick?

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Answer by Blonde brains

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  1. no that means that ur stronger and better than them.

  2. 8 packs ZOMG and yer only 15!?!are you on steroids?

  3. just, extra strong! lol-no homo. maybe you could be a lil skinny

  4. icampbell921 says:

    no way that means that your muscle is starting to grow and you are really health don’t worry

  5. thatguyoverthere says:

    It means you’re more cut up than everyone else, and definition is always a good thing.

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