Q&A: how can i become really healthy?

Question by meredithgoesroar: how can i become really healthy?
Me and my mom what to change are ways and become really healthy by Christmas.
My mom wants to loose 30 pounds by Christmas and I just wanna become healthier because I’m always getting sick and I have felt really tired and my mom got me tested and I’m allergic really bad to everything he test me for as of outdoors like ragweed and stuff. And then I’m allergic to dairy, chocolate, black pepper and wheat I believe. There’s a lot more but I was allergic the most and he said it would be best to try to cut it out of my diet as much as I can so I wont get sick, tired. It always seems that I’m pale and stuff to.
I also want to get really toned abs, not like a 6 pack that’s like masculine but like where I sit down and it don’t budge, but Christmas! Idk if that’s possible but how can I do those both? ^^

And my mom wants to loose 30 pounds by Christmas and I know its not really healthy but ask soon as she eats all natural again she looses like 10 pounds instantly.
I don’t have a problem with my weight but I do wanna look and feel healthier and full of energy cuz I haven’t in a long time.
So please help, how can I achieve this.
Also I have a real problem committing to exercise, I’m not much of an sports person.
But I’m thinking about getting a dog bike trailer and biking 5 miles a day I find working out with my dog fun but he’s 11 yrs old now ands to lazy to walk even a ½ mile.
So ideas its cold now to! Weathers good now but on Monday there’s a chance of snow!
i really just ment the loosing 30 pounds and having a hard belly but the christmas..
im most deff going to keep it up if im feeling good and healthy. 😛

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  1. Ben's Mama says:

    Being “healthy” is a lifestyle. You can’t quick fix it, or get to it by a certain date. Here are a few things to get you going:

    * Eat less/more more
    * Eat more live foods, ie: fruits and veggies
    * Drink lots of good water

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