Q&A: How can I get six pack abs without equipment?

Question by Jason: How can I get six pack abs without equipment?
I want to try and get six pack abs, so is there any routines that I can perform without equipment? Have any of you used these routines and had success?

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Answer by Ultra Man
Do crunches & sit-ups, and make sure you eat proteins.

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  1. Captain Matt says:

    Well. For a start no matter what exercise you do, it wont help if there is a layer of fat covering your stomach muscles. So first things first you need to make sure fat isn’t an issue.

    As far as actually building the muscle goes, your best bet is sit ups or crunches.

    However, sit-ups are actually rather bad for your lower back, so crunches are the best bet.

    Don’t overdo it at the start though or you’ll do more harm than good.

  2. Its all too long to type, but I am following these:

  3. the key to abs is eating right, you have to loose the belly fat over them in order to start seeing them. crunches and sit ups are most likely what you need to do in order to see results. i just ate healthy and did lots of crunches and now i have one

  4. 1st thing is start taking Beano tablets (these are natural and dosent harm you, they only help you to digest food properly and also helps in absorption)..
    Secondly, do peace runs of at least 5 km without any break/day
    After that do crunches and sit-ups (thats common and will definitely help you)
    At last dont eat fast food, take proper diet and proper rest

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