Q&A: How do I get six pack abs?

Question by Billybobjoefredted: How do I get six pack abs?
Well, I am 14 and I hit a golf ball 250 and I know I am strong, but I am sick of having a little flub everywhere. I have a work out every Monday, every night i do 50 push ups, 50 crunches with leg ups, and 50 leg lifts on my stomach for each leg. I eat OK, just an occasional cookie here and there, I don’t over eat or anything. So how do I get rid of a little flub over my stomach, and back?

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Answer by Commissar Yarrick
Eat Chloroform.

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  1. hitting golf ball 250 doesnt mean your strong….anywho. what you need to do is.

    you can do as much six pack as you want and you’ll still look the same. why? cause your burnin what you eat into muscles. the fat you have stored is still in there. PLUS. all humans needs fat to live. umm..try jogging for 10 min around the block for 30-90 days and see how fit you are.

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