Q&A: How to tone up my abs?

Question by display name :): How to tone up my abs?
I’m 15 years old and I already have a sick pack; however, it is not that noticeable. Is there a way for me to delineate my abs without using any gym equipment.

I’m 5′ 8″
3.5% body fat
And I weigh 147
Oh yea, I’m also a vegetarian…but please do not suggest dumping the diet, because I’ve been one for 15 years.

I’m a guy.

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Answer by James G
easy. Im 10 yrs older then you and still keep mine. Different style crunches help. The hardest part is making a 6pack an 8pack. I also do them in sets of 50 without stopping. 50 w feet in the air, 50 twists leaning back on a decline bench with a 50lb weight, 50 w feet wrapped in indian style, 50 feet in the air. Also, leg lifts hanging from a pull up bar helps too. do them every other day as doin them every daydoesnt make a difference.

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  1. Fearless Income says:

    Just like the above poster states, it looks like you have to bring out the muscle by exercising it harder. 3.5% bodyfat is very low, I never even had that in wrestling. Muscle needs to grow with stimulation, so you could be at 1% BF and still not show any abs.

    Work those abs!

  2. i highly doubt you will be 3.5% body fat, this is almost impossible to maintain for more than a few hours and being below 5% is bad for your body as it messes with the fat in your cells and spinal column. bodybuilders usually compete around 5%.

    to make your abs more defined you must do resistance training such as situps or crunches. when we do resistance training on any muscle we cause damage, the damage is repaired when we rest and protein is used to build new muscle tissue where the damage occured. this is how the muscle grows. to get more defined abs we must make them grow.

    we have established your body fat percentage is low so you dont have to worry about the diet or removing fat to make them more visible, it is just a case of you doing the work and intaking the protein

    your problem is being a vegetarian as most lean sources of protein come from meat such as fish, chicken and steak
    soyabeans, nuts and seeds contain protein – as do dairy products

    you must establish what you can and cannot eat then try to take in as much protein as possible, most protein supplements contain proteins from animals and eggs so be careful

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