Q&A: I need a new Abs work out!?

Question by Nslim: I need a new Abs work out!?
At the moment i have a very good abs workout i got from my trainer and i have a six pack so it works very well, and i have been doing it for a long time. Its about 20 minutes long and i like working hard. The only problem is well…..im starting to get tired of the same routine i do for 20 minutes doing it over, and over again. Im starting to slack off on it because im sick of doing it which isn’t good.

What im looking for is someone who knows a good hard core abs work out that i can do so i will have more motivation, because i get so bored of mine.

If anyone has a good ab work out that got them a good six pack plz can you put it down so i can see it? I’m sure we all have gotten sick of a workout routine that we have done like a million times.

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Answer by David
An answer here has a decent one:


But I find it too short and simple. What’s your routine? The one above only takes 5-10 minutes. I’d like a good 20-minute workout.

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