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Question by Jer: Jogging???
I am 18 years old 125 pounds and 5’8″. I started jogging last week. I jog 2-3 miles everday of the week. I have somewhat of a sick pack but it is not pronounced. I do have a little bit of fat on my stomach. How long will it take to tone my abs at this rate and what other goods things will happen to my body? Thanks

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Answer by Brandon M
Well, you’ll gain some endurance, but, if you really want to bulk up your legs, start sprinting. And by that, I mean…start jogging for about five minutes, then break out into a good strong sprint. It may not work as fast for you, because, you would have to consider “body type”, and where your body bulks up the fastest.

I hope this helps!

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  1. i say about six weeks

  2. Jogging is great. It will aid weight loss, but I don’t think you need to lose weight. To get a six-pack, you need to reduce your body fat percentage. Doing low intensity aerobic exercise every day of the week will cause you to lose both fat and Muscle. I would suggest that you run only three days per week. When you run alternate between doing a dead sprint for 150 yards or so, and a slow jog for a few minutes while you catch your breath. Repeat that for 20-30 minutes. Try do get into a gym and do a good full-body workout using free weights to do compound movements for an hour, three days per week, and take one day to rest up. If you are fairly thin, it won’t take more than a month or two to gain a noticeable amount off definition, and reduce fat in your stomach. Not only that, but your shoulders will be broader, your chest, back and limbs will be more muscular, and your posture will be better.

    Make sure to have three hearty meals with a serving from each of the four food groups, don’t workout before breakfast, and have one of your meals shortly after you workout.

  3. Maximilium says:

    Great exercise choice! I have been jogging for over 25 years.
    I recommend doing some sittups or crounches to tone you abs. Jogging alone will not do it.

    Jogging regularly can help with weight loss, fighting aging and disease, and with generally staying healthy.

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