Q&A: Why are my chest muscles so big?

Question by Semi: Why are my chest muscles so big?
I know most guys like big chest muscles but everyone at my school mistakes my chest muscles for man boobs. I am 15. 5’11”, and I weigh 175 pounds. I also bench press 225 pounds, so that is why they are big. However, I am sick of everybody making fun of my “man boobs” because they always make my body look weird in shirts. I am also not fat because I have a 4 almost 6 pack abs. And I know the answer is genetics and all but I’m wondering if anybody ever had the same problem. Thank you.

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Answer by vince2093
All you could really do is stop working out

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  1. BondExtreme says:

    Well it’s hard to exactly follow what you are saying if you answer your own questions on why they are so big. You bench press… lol. Put a picture of yourself up with your shirt off and then I will know if they are man boobs or not and if you look “deformed”…. Or basically your picture could easily tell me if they are just jealous of you… – _ –

  2. upyour... says:

    stop building, start toning?

  3. Maybe work on sysetry. Building up your shoulders and arms. Or you could cut back on your chest exercises and focus on other areas.

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