Q&A: workout, need help! ONLY EXPERTS! No adds please.?

Question by Hunter S: workout, need help! ONLY EXPERTS! No adds please.?
I have asked this so many times.
okay, here I go again.
I’m fifteen, 108 pounds, 5’6, male
I’ve had the same workout for three months and I have barley improved.
I have a six pack, but like everyone els mines covered with a bit of fat so you cant see it.
I don’t have pecks, but want nice arms and pecks and abs.
I do 500 crunches, 300 lifts (with 15pounds) and about 100 pushups every night.
Before this I did five pound lifts and 300 crunches and 50 pushups a night.
I eat so healthy, I get in every piece of fruit and vegitable I need, I drink water !NON-STOP!
I’m sick of no improvements in my arms, pecks, and abs.
I need some real ancwers.
Need them quick because last summer I stayed away from taking my shirt off

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Want to build muscle? Where is the protein? You need protein to build muscle. Fruit is nice, but it doesn’t replace protein.

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  2. Adriano A says:

    Youre body gets used to the routine you do everyday, try muscle confusion, you need to change it up a bit. If all else fails try creatine, its legal and safe if you use it right, and it works miracles.

  3. Smiley Sarah says:

    i am a gymnast and i would do some condishioning cause u need to burn get a weight and lay on the ground try and hit the wall with the weight doing a sit up … pretty simple really…

  4. cougar.sixtyfive says:

    More weight less reps. In foot ball we started with more reps to build muscle endurance, then went to more weight and less reps.

  5. You can’t burn fat and find muscle only by weight training ahd crunches and pushups, you have to do cardio. And try different weight training to work different muscles.

  6. I don’t think you are eating enough protein. Every thing that you are doing is burning a lot of calories, and in turn if you do not eat enough burn your muscle as well. If you want to build more muscle you need to lift heavy, low reps, and drink one gram of protein per lb. That is for the weight you want though, not how much you weigh. Say for example. I work out and lift weights, I weigh 127 I want to weigh 135. I need to consume 135 grams of protein a day. Count up the grams in the food you eat. And get some protein shakes, Whey powder is a good one with 23 grams per scoup. Put it in some milk, two scoups that will be 46 grams twice a day 92 grams, then on top of whatever you eat. You have to have enough protein to see results. Hope that helped.

  7. DannyAnswer.com says:

    I feel your pain.

    You need to start lifting heavy weights. Bench press and Dumbell bench press for pecks. Push-ups will only tone you up and wont build any bulk.

    For arms do straight-bar curls and dumbell curls. as well as tricept extenstions and pull downs.

    Eat lots of carbs before you work out and LOT OF PROTIEN after you work out.

    Hope this helps

  8. deholisticfit says:

    Perhaps the reason you’re not getting results is because you’re doing the same thing every day! You need to change your habits and re-evaluate.

    In order to gain muscle, you need to eat a well balanced diet combined with exercise. High protein diets are essential when it comes to gaining muscle mass (in your case, arm, chest and abdominal muscles). If you’re not getting the nutrients in your body that these muscles need to form, of course you won’t see results.

    Fish, chicken, eggs, meat, etc. are all big protein foods. If you’re not able to get those in your diet, protein shakes and supplements aren’t a bad idea.

    Additionally, in order to experience muscle hypertrophy (increased muscle size), you need to begin to resistance train. Lifting 15 pound weights 300 times isn’t going to do much for you, other than maintain and tone your muscles. You need to increase the amount of weight you’re lifting, and perform less repetitions, or until you experience muscular anxiety (whichever comes first in the workout).

    As far as the fat on your stomach is concerned, again the only way you’re going to lose that fat is through proper diet. The crunches are increasing the strength of your abdominal muscles, so now the only thing you need to do is ditch the fat. Cardiovascular exercise will help you accomplish this.

    I can’t stress enough the importance of diet here, when you’re trying to get results like this. It might not be a bad idea to setup an appointment with a nutritionist or dietitian in your area to discuss your individual needs.

  9. well running is the only way to get rid of belly fat and the reason you don’t have big arms and pecks is that you are lifting light weights many times all that does is tone your muscles but being toned is a good place to start what you need to do is lift heavy weight but only a few times if you throw 135 on the bar and try to do 300 reps your going to kill yourself you should do about 5 sets of 10 reps on what ever you feel comfortable with but a good reference point is if your not hurting bad the next day your not doing enough but after a few weeks of it you shouldn’t still be hurting the next day

  10. Please don’t take offense when I say this, but it may just be that you haven’t matured enough to have the muscle mass to get the kind of body that you’re talking about. Give it another year or so and eventually all those hormones will kick in and you’ll have more muscle to develop. It can happen super fast, too. I remember one kid I went to school with who was about 5’5″ and 110 pounds when he left for the summer between sophomore and junior year, and 5’11” and 170 pounds when he came back in the Fall. Puberty is an amazing thing.

  11. originata says:

    I imagine you do not have access to any free weights. Crunches and pushups are only going to do so much. You need to cause enough strain your muscle fibers where you tear them and they grow back bigger. Also if you want to get a little bigger then you to eat more particularly some protein provided that you weight train.

  12. Okay, stop. Do core exercises every day, but you should be working your arms only every other day- three times a week. Run or do other cardio three or four days a week. This will help lower the layer of fat some, though it’s actually healthy to have some.

    You also need to vary your workout routine considerably. Doing the same routine stops challenging your muscles, hence no improvement. You plateau. Work different muscle groups, try some different exercises, and do the same routine no more than three or four times a month. I recommend having six or seven routines you rotate through. There are some great websites out there with arm exercises that you won’t need equipment to do.

    If you seriously want some workout advice you can e-mail me (I moonlight as a personal trainer) and I will give you some free advice tailored to what you want. All I will ask in return is an endorsement comment I can post on my site (not advertising it here, guys. That’s kind of sketchy to my mind. I’m just trying to help this guy).

  13. spurs420 says:

    your doin to many repitions of little weight. when your doing your lifts do something you can only do five of. then wait a couple mins and do it again about 3-5 times. your gonna think its not gonna help because your doin so little. but if you do a heavy weight that you can barely do 5 times it will improve I GURANTEE IT! you know wut? peep this… imma gonna use the bench press cause its one of the best exercises! put on a weight that you cant even do 5 of… say like 3 or 4. keep on doin that until you can 5 WITH NO PROBLEM. i say stick with that weight for abut a week or 2. and do no work out everyday. EVERY OTHER DAY is best. give your muscles sometime to recopperate! send me a message if i confused you a little. im not an expert BUT IM WORKING ON IT! LOL

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