Rob Riches – Advanced Extreme Six Pack Abs Exercises

Hosted by Rob Riches, a fitness personality and cover model, this video shows a number of key exercises to condition and develop your abdominal region to get that six pack look. This show was filmed for ProzisTV, a new health and fitness, lifestyle channel, launching soon in Europe and globally online. For more information, please go to For more information about Rob, and to see more videos, photo’s, plus how he trains, please check out
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  1. look at the side of his body! at 0:36

  2. hatchetman3001 says:

    dam right

  3. Snerharol1 says:

    How many sets per exercise?

  4. InitialDirt says:

    @HughLincoln zyzz, the end.

  5. ItalionStallion1x says:

    Please make a video of a entire ab session workout! Showing all sets/reps and how much you rest inbetween etc.

  6. You really work hard for that! I will also work hard to have a body like an olympian athlete.

  7. @Mynameiselio It’s a kettlebell exercise, it’s a really good one too, very explosive and great for functional muscle.

  8. AlvaroAndfriends says:

    I am so gonna start doing these workouts soon tired of being fat!! Thanks for sharing!!

  9. InnovatorMusic says:

    this guy motivates me so much! really helpful!

  10. ironlungsaus says:

    best exercise videos rob thank you so much i always watch your videos just before I go to the gym anyway im off to the gym thanks again

  11. Luigi555551 says:

    im not gay AT ALL, but girls, is that whut you call dreamy? totally fuckin ripped, cute accsent, clean cut good looking?

  12. demonaca123 says:

    ‘a great finisher offer’

  13. Mynameiselio says:

    8:12 what the fuck with that lady behind Rob jon?

  14. Mynameiselio says:

    00:02 BIG DERP

  15. @HughLincoln they’re both fucking insane! But we all have our opinions :)

  16. HughLincoln says:

    @grrrjames Sorry mate - I’m a Riches man!

  17. @HughLincoln after greg plitt

  18. If I would have your body, I would go out in the winter with no shirt!!

  19. SinisterSkyline says:

    @Joeoriginal1 For cardio it’s the same restrictions, between 30min and 1hour but still cardio is something your body gets used to and it becomes less and less effective that’s why i suggested interval training or plyometrics cause those two will really give you the extra boost that you need. Yeah you can email me at

  20. Joeoriginal1 says:

    @SinisterSkyline OK, so 1 hour weight lifting and how long should be cardio then? And one more thing :- Is there any direct email that we can be in touch, instead of youtube? I can up to date you with my progress too.
    Thank you for briliant advices and I am trying them from today onwards 😉 It is very motivating too.
    All the Best and Thank you so much for your replying

  21. SinisterSkyline says:

    @Joeoriginal1 1 hour and a half is TOO long, the ideal time for working out is between 30 min and 1hour, anything over that is wasting time. And i reccomend you get rid of cardio cause it’s useless in the long-run and do Plyometrics or the Interval training i explained.

  22. Joeoriginal1 says:

    @SinisterSkyline Usually my exercise is 1hour and half. Is it too bad? About cardio : I use heart rate monitor so when you are talking about sprints – does it not burning muscle too? I do sprint on the end of my training but only for about 40 sec. and then I am done.
    What you are saying definitely make a sence and thanks again for reply

  23. SinisterSkyline says:

    @Joeoriginal1 you could try interval training, wich is just sprinting for a short amount of time with tiny pauses in between. Example: Run as fast as you can for 20 sec, Rest for 10 sec and repeat…about 8 times.You could also try supersets wich are 3 exercises that work the same muscle backt-back.Example:10 barbell squats,10 split squats and 10 bulgarian squats and so on.Its also best to workout right after you wakeup or right before bed, and they shouldnt last more than 1hr or less than 30min

  24. Joeoriginal1 says:

    @SinisterSkyline I do gym 4 till 6 times a week + cardio 60 mins. each training day. My weight is 72KG, height 177 cm and body fat 14%. But I would like to have around 8% to actually see my abs… But it seems I hit my plateau – not burning any further. Any suggestions?
    Thanks for your reply earlier

  25. SinisterSkyline says:

    @Joeoriginal1 None man, that’s all BS. The best product will AT BEST increase your muscle gain by 10%, you just have to increase your calorie intake BUT, with healthy foods. Lean beef, lean chicked, fish, veggies, whole grains…stuff like that. It’s a bitch man but two weeks into it you get used to it…if you’re a real fighter just google No Nonsense Muscle building and see if you’re up for the challenge :)

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