Rob Riches – Insane Definition for Lower Abs

Hosted by Rob Riches, a fitness personality and cover model, this video shows a number of key exercises to condition and develop your abdominal region to get that six pack look. This show was filmed for ProzisTV, a new health and fitness, lifestyle channel, launching soon in Europe and globally online. For more information, please go to For more information about Rob, and to see more videos, photo’s, plus how he trains, please check out
Video Rating: 4 / 5 – Check it out. This is my first training video of many to come ­čśë Get your six pack. (You should be doing sit ups and other exercises with heavy weight if you can, to hit your abs hard and get results.)


  1. PoppinCheese says:

    insane´╗┐ body

  2. 281dorado says:

    dreaming….well wake up…there are no limits´╗┐ on what you can do if you set limits in this life than why are you here might as well be dead….bruce lee said something like that.

  3. jafooliee says:

    doesnt have one ´╗┐

  4. nightfire4107 says:

    not having´╗┐ a clue

  5. Bora Kinesis says:


  6. NewProductsNow says:

    8:25 wtf does that old´╗┐ guy think he’s doing??

  7. BestMusic2012 says:

    but to get that I need to get my fat ass into the gym in the first place….ahhhh F U internet.

  8. physique´╗┐ :)

  9. Mk43305 says:


  10. vantage1887 says:

    Thankyou´╗┐ :)

    Sorry, I don’t know where I got my information from. Yours sounds more realistic.

  11. xlhotlx says:

    this guy seriosuly has the one of´╗┐ the best phsyeachs however you spell it I’ve ever seen

  12. zkerr88 says:

    Bro,´╗┐ your way off!!! it took him 476767641846343847618473467463418463434384738434384346384346834834348343848348468346848, and only 22 1/2 hours a day.

  13. ViraRohirrim says:

    Pause at 9:36. “yeey´╗┐ im so happy”

  14. UkMetro says:

    i hate watching vids like this….it always makes me want to hit the gym at inconvenient times!´╗┐

  15. DcentTards says:

    what sets and reps are you using for´╗┐ abs workout?

  16. mushfiquerk says:

    Sup, have you considered the´╗┐ Fat Blast Lifestyle? (go search google). My friend says it helps people lose pounds.

  17. vantage1887 says:

    46416165 months.

    23 hours´╗┐ a day.

  18. 4liloskar says:

    Rob Riches has an armor without wearing anything.´╗┐ Look at the abs and chest. How many months took him to do this? Don’t answer if you don’t know, please.

  19. sunderball1 says:

    most of them´╗┐ do

  20. wests12live says:

    Do fitness models like´╗┐ these (Rob Riches, Greg Plitt) take creatine?

  21. litonjsr88 says:

    Sup, have you heard of this program called the Fat´╗┐ Blast Lifestyle? (check google). My friend says it helps people live longer. Is that possible?

  22. Lugia4Garchomp says:

    how´╗┐ how how??

  23. fabopom3 says:

    Hey, have you considered this method called the Max Muscle Method?´╗┐ (google it). My father says it gets people bulging with muscle.

  24. LapTopVideos says:

    uhhh… he´╗┐ kinda is?

  25. amitbd001 says:

    I have a question, have you wondered this plan called the Max´╗┐ Muscle Method? (go search google). My friend says it gets people stronger.

  26. Dude I have exactly the same stick. broken broom reused´╗┐ :)))

  27. Ferrysmith says:

    @nrwlerw I used to think it was impossible to get mad abs, but now I’m ripped. You won’t get anywhere without proper workouts and food plan. Daniel Murray is the king´╗┐ of abs. Check out his secrets here:

  28. miauticu says:

    really great video, especialy that most ppl don;t show you how to workout without expensive tools, keep the´╗┐ videos comming

  29. imzunleashed1 says:

    Hey´╗┐ there, have you tried “Belly Fat TorchMax” (search on Google for it)? On their website you will find a helpful free video. It helped Ashley to burn her abdominal fat. Hopefully it will help you too.

  30. downtownhandmedown says:

    U working out with sleepers??´╗┐ lol

  31. dzinedge2 says:

    Man…you need to exercise´╗┐ to gain muscle. :)

  32. harlilopez says:

    Hello there! Have you tried – fast abs magic (should be on google´╗┐ have a look)? Ive heard some interesting things about it and my work buddy got detailed Six pack abs and lost a truck load of of belly fat with it.

  33. MrSantoslaguna11 says:

    You kinda look like´╗┐ the goalie from Manchester United David de Gea

  34. TroySmithforD says:

    can you´╗┐ be my personal trainer?

  35. i will try´╗┐ this

  36. AdamasCZ says:

    N├ísada od ko┼ít─Ťte styl. Pecka k├ímo, pos├şl├ím´╗┐ pozdrav z ─îeska :) Adam

  37. ixtabko says:

    yeah, I have them asymetric as Jay Cutler ­čśŤ doesn’t matter what you have, all that matter is what you can do with it ;)´╗┐

  38. jalgrattahiir says:

    dude, you have 5-pack?´╗┐ ­čśÇ

  39. ricarden says:

    awesome video:) it”s just that your exercising and thinking about your english at the same time;) it’s ok:) their´╗┐ are some great exercises^^

  40. kane123369 says:

    Ths is orem tonigworkot compon movments´╗┐ are muh better

  41. kane123369 says:

    crzy´╗┐ muffucka

  42. OnyangD says:

    bro,´╗┐ this work out fucked me up. It was awesome!

  43. 813120144 says:

    I love your body. It’s exactly what I want. To lose belly fat should I do Cardio? And´╗┐ could you tell me your upper body workout please? I want lean muscle. Thx a ton Bro.

  44. MrNeeban says:

    great´╗┐ video man

  45. ruzickaw says:

    You think´╗┐ this abs exercise is something great. The full exercise is to bring the legs over the stick
    then stretch them out, bend again , bring the legs under the stick and stretch them out.
    In the side bends are also some mistakes.

  46. bigjayalltheway says:

    thank you this is very´╗┐ helpful !

  47. nellyred88 says:

    Great Job :)´╗┐ I deff enjoyed this video!! I love doing excercises standing up and doing the stick work out does wonders from my love handles!!

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