Side crunches for obliques – Rob Riches

Cover model and TEAMOptimum Nutrition Athlete, Rob Riches, shows how he trains to develop and strengthen his core to reveal six pack abs. Filmed just weeks before going on to win the WBFF World Fitness Model championships in Toronto. You can see more of Rob’s Ab exercises in his playlist here: You can follow rob and his daily posts on Facebook and Twitter below:​The-Official-Rob-Riches-Fitness-Group/​109378955772447 For more information on training, nutrition, modeling and competing, check out


  1. AT0M1CB0MB94 says:

    I could take this guy

  2. shenkeey says:


  3. MrGetThisright says:

    great video

  4. lol he does look like him

  5. petraru2 says:

    @rkqfxdr yep i agree. When i was working out hard to make muscles my senior guys did not tell me about this method. But really I encourage you set aside just 10 minutes and make up your mind for yourself. The video describing the method is here >>>

  6. AnotherTroll66 says:

    your body is great and epic:)

  7. iamheinzy says:

    I honestly can’t seem to balance on the ball :(

  8. papitoelrey says:

    of course yes, i am from spain, and even if sometimesi dont understand all the english i try to catch everthing i can, today i went supermarket y bought my firts gym meal for all the week jeje thans Rob

  9. WeezyBestRapperAlive says:

    Fucking idiot Canadian! U know how many people have the ability and confidence to do that….? 1 in a Million.

    Not everyone goes to a private gym like u fag.

  10. EVONFLOW says:

    you’re so sensitive. for you I say ESTROGENNNNNNNNN

  11. IBLEES1983 says:

    thanks alot

  12. mrduster1981 says:

    You look awesome bro! How much do you weigh in this video? How much do you gain in the off season? Is your physique still that shapely and seperated in the off season? I dont mean to crush you with questions but your insight will be greatly appreciated.

  13. Manuelcr7 says:


  14. EVONFLOW says:


  15. oKrisSnipes says:

    The Gordon Ramsey of fitness 😀

  16. XcrazyX10 says:

    Don’t you just hate when they play beyonce and similar at the gym. I want hiphop or good ol’metal. 😀

  17. hockeyx593 says:

    Ive always had the v cut 

  18. Biiaattcchh100 says:

    i dont know what is the truth but this phisique looks perfectly natural

  19. leviterande says:

    hes not unfortunately, I thought he was until I saw some revealing video…. :( :(

  20. Oh my fucking god…I’m jealous.

  21. rizwanjee19 says:

    Yo, have you heard of this thing called the Max Muscle Method? (do a google search). My buddy says it gets people stronger.

  22. Nalam511 says:

    Hihi, have you considered this thing called the Max Muscle Method? (google it). My mom says it gets people stronger.

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