Six Pack Ab Calorie Burn Cindy Whitmarsh


  1. sounchoy11 says:

    Hi hi! Have you ever tried the Fat Blast Lifestyle (google it)? Ive heard some awesome things about it and my work buddy lost a lot of stubborn fat.

  2. lukelittle82 says:

    thank you for uploading!!

  3. mecmsacm1019 says:

    Such a great ab workout and quick and a no brainer! Thanks Cindy and likabcs for uploading. YAY

  4. nidajo28 says:

    good, quick ab workout!!

  5. MrsBettencourt says:

    Best 10min workout!!! <3 it

  6. nbkellogg says:

    THANK YOU for posting this! it’s my fave quick ab workout and they deleted it off comcast on demand because excercise tv went out of buisiness!

  7. CartomartaKenDoll says:

    I really love her workouts

  8. mecmsacm1019 says:

    This is the best quickest ab workout, love CIndy Whitmarsh…

  9. 88scorpio89 says:

    I am so glad someone posted these videos!

  10. MsLinSS says:

    I just love Cindy Whitmarsh, the workout is great and she has so much energy when she is talking that you just got to finish!

  11. FeliceHCGdieter says:

    I agree I love her!!! and this work out is great :)

  12. fmrmnquin says:

    i’m so sad that there is no more exercise tv on demand. what happened to the website?! i do these exercises everyday in my home. I love Cindy’s energy!

  13. coperonni says:

    I agree with you TheMarieSimon, I also did these on comcast cable along with the 100 lb slimdown and Jillian Michaels workouts and they worked! Now there are different trainers that don’t do a really good job of getting you motivated. Too bad.

  14. TheMarieSimon says:

    I started this one year ago on Comcast Cable; it is great. But, then they took it off and put up Men-Women that was a really turn-off. I like her because she is a good trainer that looks straight. I like her personality; feminine. I am not trying to be a Man.

  15. lafalot22 says:

    this actually works :)

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